Auli is a place where people can fulfill their skiing arrimo. It is near Rishikesh. After the Gulmarg in Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir, Auli is the smallest and most developed center. It is the most beautiful and new skiing center of India and Asia. Situated in the vicinity of Nanda Devi near Badridham, surrounded by plush grass fields and dense forests, there are huge slopes around this area, which is perfectly suitable for skiing. Auli is a long-term pastureland spread over 6 sq km from sea level to 25000 to 3050 meters. As in ancient times, even now, during the rainy season grass grows everywhere, as well as many varieties of flowers also arise, which do not remove the eyes. This molding stays with a thick layer of ice from March to March. It’s best time for people who are skiing. 2 day food, rest, modern equipment for skiing, the cost of goods of other ice age is around 3000 to 5000. And the expenditure of 6 days is up to Rs. 17000 of about 15000. For skiing the sloping machine is made from Snovetter. And now there are facilities available, such as ski lift, chair lift and ropeway. It is also possible to see the surrounding natural panoramic view. This is the reason why both people and non-skiing people prefer to come.

Best time

Well, it seems very good in summer days. And in the rainy season, there are many types of flowers and plants seen here. But on seeing the specialty of this place, from January to March, the tourists come here in more numbers.

Arrive By

Can not be reached directly by airplane and train here. The nearest railway station here is Rishikesh, which can be reached by bus or taxi from Aali. Rishikesh is associated with most of the cities of the country. By the way, bus can be reached by any taxi or car from any corner of the country.

Scenic Spots

Winter- Whether it is changing in the summer or rainy season, the joy of walking around Oli, but the significance of these plants is always there. This rope is the most attractive of the people here, because it is the best technology of the world. It is Asia’s second largest tree, which is 4 kilometers long, this rope has 10 huge columns and 2 cabins. 25 people can sit in each cabin. Its eighth pillar is in Auli. Here, the 800 meter long chair lift is ready for those who descend. As soon as sitting on this air chair, people reach the skiing center while enjoying the slopes. This rope looks like a farm and a forest from the height of the cabin, and on the front of the road, there is a panoramic view of the mountains of Nanda Devi, Dron Giri, Nilkanth, Kameth, Elephant Gauri, Manapik, etc.


This place is 3 km from Tapovan, and the natural waterfall of hot water flows here, which makes tea. This waterfall looks very beautiful to see.


This place is situated a little below 3 kilometers from Auli. It is said about this that Adi Shankaracharya has seen the Divine Light. The Jyotmishtha was founded on this. This Jyothimartha due to the beginning of time became ‘Joshimath’. And then the name of this place became ‘Joshimath’.

Gurasun Bugyal

In the local language, ‘bugayal’ means grassland. This place is 3 kilometers away from Auli, here is the grassland plain. This ground is surrounded by the jungles of Konifer and Oak, due to which it appears more pleasant. In the winter days, ice is frozen, whereas during the summer, many varieties of flowers bloom, which are not found anywhere.

Lake Chenab

This place is 15 kms away from Joshimath, to reach there, it has to go through the grasslands. Here is a beautiful lake, due to which the view of Yanah looks very captivating. This is an inaccessible area, which is why it has to face the problems of eating and drinking and staying there.


This place is 4 kilometers from Auli and 1 kilometer from Gursaon Bugyal. This place is situated in the middle of the jungles, there is a clean and fresh water spring. However, there is nothing special but here comes the peace of the people, which makes the mind very happy.


There is a place named Tapovan in the path of Joshimath. The main attraction here is the group of natural sources of warm water. This natural hot water attracts people to winter in winter.

Kvaaree bugyaal

Muds spreading miles 16 kilometers away from Auli, this place fascinates the natural beauty mind. There is a wonderful view of the Himalayan peaks and valleys. People who live in the plains in the plains, when they are in the tent, they are staying in the tent. This place is dear for tracking people.

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