Ayodhya Diwali Celebration

The Ayodhya diwali festivities are the largest in India. Many religious groups and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are involved in the celebration. During the celebration, people in Ayodhya are dressed in colourful clothes. Religious groups are also performing acrobats, dances, and rituals. The Saryu river is also a focal point.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

On the eve of Deepawali, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to offer aarti at New Ghat in Ayodhya and witness the lighting of earthern lamps in the city. The celebrations are a part of the Deepotsav. The streets of Ayodhya are preparing for the duo’s arrival.

The prime minister is also expected to visit the site of the upcoming grand temple. The ceremony will involve lighting lamps in front of the temple and praying. The temple is being built on the site of the demolished Babri mosque. The Babri mosque was torn down by Hindu nationalists in 1992, triggering massive violence between Hindus and Muslims. The Supreme Court has recently allowed the temple to be built on the site.

The celebration will take place in Ayodhya on Sunday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will perform puja at the Ram temple and takes part in the Deepotsav, which includes lighting of 18 lakh earthen lamps and a laser show. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expecting to light five ‘diyas’, symbolizing the Panchtatva.


The opposition parties have tried to link Modi’s Diwali visit to the BJP’s political problems. “Every time the BJP finds itself in a corner over governance, it takes refuge in the name of Lord Ram,” said Samajwadi Party MP Naresh Agarwal. “They have never taken any steps to address this issue.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to attend the Ayodhya Deepotsav on October 23rd. The PM is a devotee of Bhagwan Shri Ram and has previously visited Ayodhya. The CM’s visit coincides with the upcoming Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections. The Prime Minister also visited Kedarnath and Badrinath, where he laid the foundation stone for the Hemkund Sahib ropeway and reviewed various developmental projects in the region. He is also set to celebrate Diwali with troops deployed at the border.

As part of the celebrations, the BJP in Delhi is distributing 11 lakh diyas and asking municipal corporations to light temples in the city. In addition, 108 poor families will get free electricity connections. Thousands of people are expected to turn out to witness the festivities, as the construction of the temple is underway after years of struggle.

Religious groups

The Ayodhya Diwala celebration is a popular event for religious groups, as it commemorates the return of Lord Rama to his kingdom after 14 years of exile. It is also a festival rooted in Hindu scripture. The celebration is especially significant for those who celebrate Lord Rama as the embodiment of God on earth.

This five-day festival honors the victory of good over evil, and is celebrated by Hindus around the world. People light lamps and other decorative items and gather with family and friends, and exchange gifts and sweets. Some religious groups will even light fireworks.

Sikhs also celebrate the festival as the day Mahavira attained nirvana. Buddhists and Jains celebrate it as the day Lord Mahavira attained freedom from the cycle of samsara. As for religious groups, the celebration is a universal one.

Saryu river

Ayodhya, the birthplace of Hindu God Rama, was transformed into a spiritual haven this week, as the ‘Deepotsav’ festival was held on the banks of the Saryu river. The festivities marked the return of the ancient king of Ayodhya, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the ceremony on Sunday. The prime minister performed puja at the temple, and inspected the construction site of the grand Ram temple. In addition, Prime Minister Modi performed a symbolic coronation of the Lord Ram. The festival will feature the illumination of fifteen gates, each named after a member of the Lord Ram family. The festival also includes the making of ten welcome gates for the Deepotsava.

The Diwali celebrations in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, began Wednesday. Firecrackers, laser shows, and a special laser show at the Ram Ki Paidi Ghat were among the highlights of the festivities. Diyas were lit along the banks of the Saryu river in the district, and hundreds of people turned out to watch them.

Sita Amman temple

The Sita Amman temple is located in the Divurumpola area of Ayodhya. Sita was rescued by Rama after she was imprisoned in the forest by the ten-headed demon Ravana. Rama was reunited with his wife after he killed Ravana and installed his brother Lakshmana as king of Lanka. The Ayodhya Diwala celebration is a celebration of the return of Lord Rama and his wife, Sita.

The Ayodhya Diwala celebration at the Sita Amman temple is a traditional one with many activities. There are a number of firework displays and mouth-watering meals that mark the festival. Visitors also visit the temple and offer gifts to the Goddess.

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