One of the important ways to improve local search engine optimization involves company names, addresses, and contact numbers in local business listing sites. Google gives credibility to a website that is listed locally. Local business listings help increase online exposure and traffic to the site.

Online business listings are an important part of local search engine optimization. To increase online visibility and exposure, each business must attach its name and contact details to popular search engine, mobile and directory sites, including Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.

What is a business listing?

Business listing is one of the best ways where we can list our business for marketing purpose. If people search, then our business automatically gets in the list. There are many famous listing sites where we can list our business.

In the listing, we need to add our business name, location, phone number, address and website link as a backlink. Therefore, these people can easily find our address and website. This is a better business for a startup.

If you start your new business, you have to list your business in the TOP this is a better way to show customers their B … (more)

With a free business profile, you not only manage local listings, but also manage how your business will look on ‘Google Search’ and ‘Map’.

According to customers, businesses that respond to reviews are 1.7X more trustworthy than those who do not respond (76% vs. 46%). *

Do you have new product photos, hours or menu items? Customers want more information related to the business in addition to local listings. With a business profile on Google, you can tell about the features of your business.

Importance of listing your business

When your business is listed, it becomes easy not only for your customer, or potential customer, to find your location, business hours, phone number, and any other information you provide, but also your search results. Also increases visibility.

As most business is now done through digital media or online, you also need to take advantage of customers who are seeing your brand or business online. This is where online listings come into play. With online listings, your business information is easily available to customers when they are ready to choose you!

Despite the great impact of the Internet and digital media on today’s businesses, many entrepreneurs are still in the dark about what business listings are and why is it important anyway?

Simply put, business listings are your business information and contact details listed online. The most recognizable and popular business listing site is Google Business Listing. Most businesses usually verify and update their businesses on this list. Google Business Listing comes with additional features that are not used properly by most businesses.

Taking advantage of some visual features of Google business listings like adding pictures play a positive role in your monthly interactions and impressions. One study shows that adding visual content gets 416% more engagement from targeted customers. That’s not all, apart from Google Business Listing, there are 80+ additional reviews and listing sites available online.

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