What is a blog?

20 Year ago today, people used to share their suggestions or some important things, the diary magazine used to share it. In today’s modern era, writing on the Internet means I write blogs. It is called a blog that shares it. The blog is written on any topic. Blog is a Google product that works like a website. This is the free service provided by Google. Through blogs, you can share your points with the whole world, blog is a website that can be created freely and everyone can easily use it. Every blog can have some articles, some photos, some videos. According to Hindi language, the blog is called “Chittha”. Which is included in Google’s dictionary.

Why Blogging?

  1. By sharing our knowledge with each other i.e. writing articles in the blog, we can earn money too.
  2. Can create your identity on the internet.
  3. Blog is a tool where we get new information.
  4. Blog is a place where you can reach your destination in thousands of people in less time.
  5. Blogs can be written in any language.
  6. Blogging increases knowledge and does not decrease.

Ways to start blogging

To create a free blog you will need to get help from these platforms.
(1) Blogger – This is a famous platform.
(2) WordPress – Its service is free and also in money.
(3) Jumla – with the help of it can create a blog on the internet.
(4) Weebly – This is also a good service. This is a web hosting service.

Choose the topic for your blog

First of all, know which topic you are interested in. That is, in what subject you can write well. The subject can be anything as if it is a good idea to know about someone making a meal, it seems to be something in every person, and that is exactly what you need to know. You can choose the same subject for blogging that you feel most comfortable with, then you can write articles continuously for your blog.

Select the domain name for the blog

You must now choose a domain name to create a blog. Domains are the address of any website. The domain name is the name of your blog or website. In the same way, every blog has to have a domain name because the Internet user you search or search by visiting the blog. There are many companies that sell domains where you can buy a domain name for your blog. The largest company to sell a domain is Godaddy, Bigrock etc.

Choose Hosting for Blogs

Most important tasks are to get hosting when starting blogging. This is the only point in which bloggers are most upset. Because, new bloggers can not decide what hosting or hosting plan is right for their website, and they can not even decide which website to get hosting.
If you have traffic on your website here, you should pay less for hosting or even hosting from any trusted website.

Select Theme and Install

Theme is one of the most important things, always choose the lightweight theme and install it in WordPress.

Start writing a post

Start writing a post for a blog

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