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Every person has dreams big or small and full of energy too. The only need is to give your energy a right direction. It is everyone’s dream to start their own business and earn a lot of money. But many of them could not succeed due to small business ideas. Most early entrepreneurs leave the billion-dollar business idea just for the initial investment and for fear of brain damage.

Not all births have million-dollar babies. Most of us have started our careers by starting part-time or full-time jobs and some gradually increase skills by adopting small business ideas. It needs a right path now. If you have the desire, you can do it and make your dream come true for a small business of your own. All big businesses start with small set ups.

Small business ideas you can start it from your home or from your free zone. You can also lease some space depending on your requirement. It requires small funds to start. The need for an initial fund again depends on the nature of the business. It can be arranged by itself as it is not a huge amount for the individual.

There are also several government schemes to inspire and support small businesses. You can take a loan from them. There is another option for bank loan or from some small cooperative loan society.

After a lot of research and research from online, offline, some small business ideas are as follows.

1.     Become a Contractor

Many new companies are setting up their plans in India every year. To run any company, they need contractors to carry out their services from day to day. This includes services in mechanical, structural, civil, electrical, office infrastructure development etc.

It is a very high margin business. If you are associated with such services with such large companies. You can start your own contracting firm and start taking service orders for such specialized jobs and earning big.

2.     Mobile phone repairing / selling shop of mobiles and its accessories

By 2021, India will have more than 950 million mobile users. Mobile should have means of communication and entertainment for all levels of people. After launching 4G service and Jio in India, these figures could increase to 1200 million.

Subsequently, it also increases the demand for mobile repair and its accessories. There are many institutes where you can take training in mobile repairing and start your own shop.

This is usually based on your initial inventory storage at Rs. 50,000 to Rs. Invests up to 2,00,000. You can start with less stock.

3.     Tiffin Service (home meal delivery)

It is one of the best business ideas for House Woman. It can be started with very little investment. The initial investment will be of Tiffin and some delivery packaging materials. You can hire a person for home delivery of Tiffin to the area around you.

4.     Blogging

Blogging can be a great career option for anyone. If you have some specialized knowledge in any subject, you can start your own blog and earn money online. Blogging is another way to make interesting videos and make money on every scene from YouTube.

5.     Become an e-commerce seller

The e-commerce store is a billion dollar business idea. You can start selling local products on e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon India, Snap deal etc. This will give huge revenue. You can start it from your home. There is no need for a physical store for this.

Only choose products that are manufactured in your area or you can also start manufacturing yourself. It is one of the best online business ideas in 2019 and 2020. Explore vendors who can deliver products when you receive an order from e-commerce. This way you can reduce the inventory and your investment.

6.     Photography

You can get a professional training on photography and start your own photography studio for wedding and glamorous photography services like pre wedding, baby showers etc. Initially you need to buy a professional camera and set up a studio.

7.     Make chips and wafers at home

Chips and wafers are a common food and are used in routine food almost everywhere and also in fasting in India. It has a huge market in schools, cinema, railways, and travel in buses, restaurants etc. You can start manufacturing chips and wafers at your home or rent a shop. Also ensure good packaging materials and develop a supply chain to your customers. The investment for this business is very low.

8.     Vehicle Garage

It is a good profit making business in future. It would be a good idea to start repairing and servicing the vehicles. You can also provide mobile repairing at the place where the vehicle is stopped and in need of repair. Initially, if you are not so good at vehicle repair, you can get training from some reputed garage owner or institute. The initial investment required replacing the garage and some equipment for further repairs.

9.     Home Made Jam, Pickle and Sauce

It is the best option for women of the house. She can start making homemade jams, pickles and sauces. Due to the many good branded chemicals available to store for a long time, there will always be a demand in the market.

10.Making scented candles and incense sticks

It is one of the creative business ideas, where you can start making home based scented candles and incense sticks or incense. You can tie up with your local dealer and shopkeeper. Now-a-days, many automated machines are available for the production of candles and incense sticks. You can buy them and expand your production and sales.

11.Home delivery of vegetables and groceries

This is also a good creative business idea. House manufacturers Women or men can order all their daily household use items at competitive rates. They order the same day. You can pack or buy fresh vegetables directly from the market. Likewise you can tie in with some big wholesale grocery stores. No major investment is required for this.

12.Furniture making business

Furniture making is an evergreen commercial idea which has regular demand in the market. You can start making furniture according to the customer like sofa, tripod, dining table, cupboard, computer table etc. You can deal directly with some companies and get contracts for office furniture orders. Contacting and dealing with companies directly is always a profitable business.

13.Hair Care Salon

The hair salon is one of the high profit margin business, where initially you need a rented or owned space and some basic equipment for it. Identify the best location for your new salon business.

Take extra care of hygiene and customer satisfaction at your shop. This will give you some repeat customer base to survive in the market.

14.General / Retail Stores

You can open a retail and general store for any residential area. The location of the shop is a key element of success. If you want to start a general store, you should focus on some new build residencies and choose the nearest location nearby.

15.Plumbing (Plumber)

Being a plumber is the best low-investment business idea. Initially it requires some skill to operate or you can also hire a plumber on a rental basis. Plumbing service is much needed. You can also open a shop for the sale of plumbing materials and plumbing services. This will expand your customer base and will also convert the sale of plumbing materials to a plumbing service.

16.Electric Fitting

You can start an electric shop and also offer electric fitting and repairing service. You can also tie up with big companies and contract the entire building electric fittings. This will give a good boost to your business. It is one of the best high profit margin business idea.

17.Tuition class and tuition business

You can start a tuition class and also give children a home tutoring job. This will earn you very good money. This business does not have to be a location. Initially you can start from your home. This is the best high return business idea for women to start from home. It has very low investment and very good returns.

18.Driving Training School

It comes into existence since early 2010. You can start your driving training school and also provide counseling service for new license application for four wheel and two wheel vehicles. It is in great demand among students, women and new drivers. You must have an excellent driver and also have a vehicle to begin with.

19.Packers and Movers

If you want to start a packers and movers then this is a profitable business idea. You can target residential and official relocation areas to expand your business. Initially you need a set of people, some good packaging material. You can rent a truck or tempo depending on your requirement to move the material from one place to another.

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