Today everyone is using social media. Social media is a media that is different from the rest of the media, social media creates a hypothetical world through internet. In today’s era social media has become an important part of life. There are many types of information, such as providing information, entertaining and educating is mainly involved. Social media is a huge network, all of which connect with each other. It is a good dimension of communication. As soon as the notifications reach each other. Social media platforms are not used only for personal information, but also serve as a people’s interest in political and social matters. In today’s time, if you want to show your skills or want to bring it to the world, then social media is a very important and helpful tool. The type of social media is as follows.
You tube
Linked In

Benefits of Social Media

1.The information keeps getting

If you do not have time to open news channels in today’s time, then open Facebook and you will get all the information. All the news channels have created their Facebook account and update them first when any information is received. That’s why the biggest advantage of social media is that you keep getting the information about moments of the moment.

2.Engagement with others

If told in the right way, social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp were started for the people that they could meet him who he forgot or is no longer in touch with him. Meeting old friends, making new friends, and chatting with friends of today makes a statement of the beauty of social media in today’s times. Apart from this, you live in another city or village and your friend or relative is in another city and you are not in contact with him so you can contact him and talk to him through Facebook or Instagram. . You can connect with your friends, family and relatives and that too just through a button.

3.Walking over time

If you use social media and stay active, then you understand the time and you know what is the biggest demand at the moment.


Using social media, awareness can be easily brought about in the life of the people. Recently, you must have seen that a clean India campaign was launched on the social media which was closely related to cleanliness. Be sure to use your vote for the voter in elections which was related to the Lok Sabha elections in the country. It can be used to raise awareness for good work in the life of the people.

Social Media Disadvantages

If you talk about benefits, then it is less but if you talk about losses, then it is very much like –

1.Wastage of time

Social media waste most of your time and you should consider it. If a person comes to the social media just to talk to a news or a person, then he spends at least half an hour’s time here because he starts showing such things that he would be forced to lose them. And goes reads. Students waste their invaluable time in social media, which is messing with their future.

2.Negative Thinking

The news of the violence and tension throughout the day goes on in the social media, and you do not want to be fooled by it because you are in the social media and these reports have negative impact on you. This creates a situation of mental stress.

3.A Waste of Money

To use the internet, you use the data in it and when you finish it, you recharge it again and again and it is a waste of your money.

Using social media is not wrong, but if it starts to dominate in your thoughts and rituals, then it takes a very dangerous form.

By Manish

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