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Just as everything is becoming digital with the passage of time, how can education lag behind in this change because just as everything is gradually becoming online, online classes have started in the field of education as well. An environment where education is related to computer-based technology, which is connected to the Internet, then it is called online education.

Offline Classes Difference between Online Classes

Talking about the word online in today’s modern era, everyone will be familiar with this word, in today’s time everything has become online like asking or selling goods from the market. Most important nowadays the education system is also being given online.

Today, many things have been banned all over the world due to Kovid-19 infection, in which most have been affected by Kovid 19, so for the well being of our educational institutions students and to protect them from infection, the government of many countries of the world has started educational institutions. It was better to keep it closed.

Due to which the importance of online education system increased a lot, the government also arranged for the online education system for the students so that the students do not face any problem in their studies and they can continue their studies by staying at home. Get it

Let us know that what is the difference between online and offline education system, its five important things have been written which are as follows.

 Advantages and differences of online classes

  • Wherever the student is in the online class, such as in his home or in the park, then he can take the class from there according to his time and the biggest advantage of the online class to the student is that he can take any quiet place. Can take your class in the environment.

Whereas in the same offline class, the student has to face a turbulent environment, in which the student has to face a lot of problems.

  • If we compare the time in online class with offline class, then in offline class, students whose home is far away from school, then they must take at least 1 hour to reach school.

Whereas with online classes, that student can save this time and use that time in his studies.

  • If we compare the cost of online and offline classes, then in offline, students spend a lot on books, uniforms, bags, shoes, etc.

While talking about the same online, there is no need for all these.

  • Offline education system requires large scale of land whereas online education system does not require any kind of space.
  • The biggest advantage of online class is that the parents of the student take full care of their children’s studies and help them more.

Whereas in offline classes, parents are not able to help much in the education of children because children do not have much time left.

Everything has two sides, in the same way there are two aspects of online class, where online class has advantages as well as its disadvantages.

 Disadvantages of online classes

  • Lack of access to the Internet in all areas: – If seen, the development of Internet has not been done properly in many areas of India. Students still do not know about the online class due to which they are not able to develop.
  • Bad effect on the health of the students:- The devices which the student uses in online study like Smartphone, laptop, tablet, computer etc. Using these tools for a long time is harmful to their health.
  • Attraction from study to other things:- It has often been seen in online study that the device with which students study online and if the advertisement of a game or any social media message comes in that device, then the student They leave their studies and engage in them. Due to which there is a lot of harm in their study.
  • Not all students are the same:- It has also been seen in online classes that some children do not understand a lot in online classes and have to face a lot of problem to ask their question to the teacher.
  • Lack of online tools and knowledge: – The biggest disadvantage of online classes is that online tools are not available to all students and they do not have much knowledge in using online tools properly.


Online education is an alternative medium and has its limitations. Online education is beneficial for those places where schools-colleges are still far away and means of transport are not accessible. Or those who lack time. The major drawback of online education is that there is no physical connectivity. Therefore, there is no direct communication with the students, due to which the evaluation of studies is also difficult. If seen, there are definitely some shortcomings in both the systems. But looking at the future, it can be said that the online education system is the best because in the coming future everything will become digital, so that the online education system will be in most demand. But if there is no offline education, then the physical development of the children will not happen. Children will be limited to mobile and computer only.

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