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Over the course of time, the internet industry as well as the online trading industry has become very risky for the users. This is because many people are eager to benefit from the online industry, whether it is online dating platform or online trades including forex, cryptocurrencies, and binary options trading. When people end up suffering from an online scam, they try to forget about it considering it a bad experience. I will now share details around Action Refund in my Action Refund review to show you how even recovering lost funds can become a tricky matter, as well as test of your patience.

Action Refund’s Team

Action Refund is a newly formed funds recovery platform that helps you get money back you have lost to online scams. The platform has been formed with the help of less experienced lawyers, analysts, and consultants. Although their efforts are to ensure you get your money back from such scammers. But, they lack the knowledge and experience to know exactly where they need to hit the hammer in order to acquire your funds.

Customer Support Offered at Action Refund

Action Refund tries copying other funds recovery platforms in providing you a customer support that is professional, but hasn’t done much to train them. It provides you with support via email and landline, where it would take a while for representatives to get back to your query. When it comes to landline, you may have to stay connected on the call for a few minutes before getting connected to a customer support representative. This is because the representatives find it difficult finding solution to your queries or concerns.

Deposit Options at Action Refund

Action Refund offers you with a very limited number of depositing options that require credit/debit cards and SEPA transfers. If you have been scammed then it would be much more difficult for you to share your financial information again with an online firm no matter the type it may be. This is what Action Refund misses out when offering you payment methods. On the other hand, major funds recovery firms offer several payment methods that offer you a peace of mind where your financial information is not connected with them.

What Else Does Action Refund Provide Support in?

Action Refund only provides you with the facility of providing fund recovery service and nothing else. On the other hand, major funds recovery firms not only provide you with the same support but they offer something more. They tend to offer you consultation for firms that are legit to deal with and the ones to avoid. This way, any investments you make can be done through legit/valid platform instead of being through an illegitimate one.

What Process Does Action Refund Follow?

As Action Refund is a new firm in the money recovery sector, it is currently trying to offer you the same kind of services other veteran money recovery funds are providing. So far, the firm seems to be failing making the attempt of recovering your funds:

First Consultation is for Free

Similar to other major firms, Action Refund offers free consultation to know whether it can help recover your funds or not. While majority of the top money recovery platforms are able to gather assess the outcome there and then. Action Refund takes longer than usual to get back to you letting you know whether the money is recoverable or not.

Information Provision

Before Action Refund can proceed with your case, it needs necessary information such as your communication with scammers and transaction data. When it comes to transaction data, Action Refund finds it difficult even dealing with the banks to get the information out of them. Therefore, it takes Action Refund longer than usual to acquire the right amount of information from the banks to proceed with the case.

Updates are Scarce from Action Refund

Once you have given the case over to Acton Refund, you need to be very patient because despite their claims, they hardly provide you with any updates. If you get in touch with your case manager at Action Refund, the manager may be able to share some updates. However, this is an effort that has to be made from your end if you want quick answers.

Approaching the Scammers for Money

Although Action Refund may be able to recover your funds, but it may take it much longer than other major money refund firms. It is mainly because Action Refund has very limited amount of information around the scammers and their contact numbers to get in touch with them. This makes the money recovery process much longer than the rest of the major money recovery firms.

Ending Thoughts

At the end, if you find Action Refund to be more reliable or affordable than other firms, then it is completely up to your will to side with it. However, there are many more firms out there with more experience and knowledge up their sleeves, doing things much faster.

By Manish

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