Big family and small family

Meaning of big family : Big family is a group in which parents, husband wife, brother, sister, son, daughter, etc. live. The elderly man is the head of the family. Such a family in which people of many generations live together, whose food, food, and income is not the right of anyone but everyone’s right. This is a big form of family in which the elderly person is called the head, he takes all the decisions. All the members of the big family live together in the same house and everyone’s food is prepared in the same kitchen. All male members have equal rights in the property of the family.

Big family qualities

The functions and qualities of a big family can be clarified on the basis of the following points.

Proper upbringing of children is possible In a big family, the upbringing of children is possible in a proper way, because elderly members of the family also live in such families.

Due to having full experience in the upbringing of children, they play their important role whereas in nuclear families, the problem of child rearing is found.

Religious functions All the religious functions of the society are performed by the family as a unit. The head of the family collects the members of the family

And performs and gets the festivals, festivals and other religious activities done at the fixed time, place, day etc.

Benevolent and collective life possible All the members collectively solve the simple and serious problems arising in the family.

When there is any kind of crisis on the family, they also face it together. Due to which the members of such family do not have to face much difficulties.

Proper use of money There is a common fund in a big family. And every member of the family makes efforts to increase this fund. From this fund, money is spent based on the best needs of the family members.

In this unnecessary expenses can be avoided. Apart from this, living together in a joint means less expenses, more people get sustenance.

Social and economic security A large family provides protection to such members at the time of accident, illness, mental illness, loss of job and widowhood etc.

Apart from this, large families also give shelter to orphans, widows and old people. Big family provides financial security to each of its members at every stage and frees them from worry, so in this way big family is crisis insurance for its members.

Avoidance of division of property In a big family all the members of the family live together. Due to which there is no division of family property.

That property is used collectively for all the members of the family. By putting this property collectively in business, industry or other businesses, it can be increased further.

Work of Guidance The elder members of the family guide the younger members living in the big family on the basis of their experience.

Many a times, such a dire situation comes in front of the youth members which they are unable to solve. At such a time, only the elderly members of the family guide them and save them from taking wrong decisions.

Discipline and Control In a big family, more importance is given to the family than to the individual and the head is represented by the family. All the members of the family remain under his control.

This maintains discipline among the members. The Karta, through his powers, prohibits the free conduct of the family members.

Division of Labor- In a big family, the work is divided among the members of the family according to their age, ability, gender and interest. Due to which the efficiency of each member is maintained.

Therefore, men are entrusted with earning money and external work. And women are given internal work like raising children, taking care of the house etc.

Work of socialization In a big family, children get elementary education while in contact with different members. Therefore, they get the benefit of the experience of the elderly members of the family and at the same time they are also guided from time to time by the elderly members.

They play an important role in the socialization of children. Because the virtues of children develop in the contact of older members. The spirit of love, cooperation, truth, tolerance, benevolence, service etc. is awakened in them.

Center of entertainment ​​Due to the abundance of members in joint families, there is always an atmosphere of cheerfulness and laughter in them. Mrs. Karve has said that from time to time some social work keeps happening in the big family like sometimes a boy or a girl is getting married.

So sometimes the festival of naming ceremony is being celebrated, sometimes someone’s birthday is being celebrated. Sometimes the laughter of brother-in-law, and sometimes the point of Nand Bhaujai. Therefore, in such a situation, there is sufficient and cheap entertainment for the members of the big family.

Cultural Stability It is through joint families that the transfer of social practices, traditions, customs and social beliefs takes place from one generation to another.

These families contribute their contribution to the cultural existence by transferring the various characteristics of Indian culture to the future generations.

National unity and service to the country By living in a big family, the feeling of love, sympathy, sacrifice and cooperation should also be developed in the person.

Small family

These days it has become common to see a large amount of migration of small families towards cities and metros. Working parents with one or two kids are a norm these days. A small family consists of parents and a maximum of two children. It is also called a nuclear family because of its small size. Living in a small family is great as there is a better management of resources in these families. Let us know why a small family is good and what is the criteria of a small family:

Small family benefits

  • A better standard of living

In a small family the expenditure is very less so he can spend well to maintain the standard of living of the family.

  • Good education for children

Parents with fewer children can save enough for their children’s education. And they can make the best education system for their children.

  • More savings

With fewer family members and less expenses, a small family can save well for the future. This savings can be used to build a house, buy a car, or get married, etc.

  • Better health cover

A small family has enough savings to spend on good health care for its family member. Whereas in a large family, due to their low savings, they have to cut down on healthcare.

  • Happy family atmosphere

Last but not the end, looking at all these above reasons and many other reasons we can say that a small family is dry family.


Despite some disadvantages a small family is a really happy family which can fulfill its needs and requirements well. There are many advantages of a small family as compared to a large family. But this does not mean that living in a big family is harmful, big family has its own advantages.

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