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A reliable broker that provides you with peace of mind while trading is nothing short of a blessing. However, you don’t find a lot of them every day. If you find one, you should not waste the opportunity of signing up with it. I have brought you some great information about such a trading platform. It offers you the best of everything, and most importantly, you will have peace of mind while trading with it. I will dedicate this CryptoMatex review to a company that I think really devotes itself to offering its traders the best of trading.

From the start of your trading career to the point when you become a professional, I think you will never feel the need to switch your trading services provider once you sign up with it. Its trading platform is great, it gives you access to some great financial markets, and offers you the ease of starting with your trading career. On top of it all, it abides by the industry standards and takes top-level measures to make its platform secure for you. Keep reading to know more about CryptoMatex.

Security and Safety for Every Trader

You have to know that this online platform adheres to KYC and AML policies, and makes sure that every trader that signs up with it understands them. When you sign up with the company, you will have to provide it with your personal information. You will also have to give it your banking details. In other words, the information you have to provide it with is of sensitive nature. Does the company protect your information in any way? Yes, it does. It encrypts your information so it travels securely over the internet lines.

Furthermore, you can use the safest methods in the world to deposit your funds in the trading account. You can use your credit or debit card with Mastercard or Visa logo on it to deposit funds. You can also go with the bank wire transfer option if you think that’s the safest method for you. Get in touch with the customer support of the company if you want to transfer digital coins right into your trading account.

Choose from Easy Trading Accounts

The trading accounts that you can sign up with are quite easy to pick. Firstly, you will not have to worry that there is not an account that suits your trading needs. There are four, and each account has features that suit different types of traders. The basic account, as is clear from the name, is for basic traders. On the other hand, silver and gold accounts are meant more for advanced traders. If you have become  aprofessional in trading, you can go with the platinum account. Keep only 250 EUR in your account and you will qualify for the basic account.

For an amount equal to 5000 EUR or more, you will get to choose the silver account. To sign up with the platinum account, you have to have at least 100,000 EUR in your account.

Trade Many Assets with Big Leverages

Despite the fact that this broker offers you access to many financial markets, it does not hold back from giving you huge leverages. Firstly, you can diversify your portfolio like never before by trading indices, commodities, forex currency pairs, stocks, and even cryptocurrencies with it. Furthermore, you can trade these assets not only in the form of CFDs, but ETFs as well. The leverages from CryptoMatex are huge. You can use leverages that start from 1:50 and go all the way up to 1:400.

Final Thoughts

So, whether you want to reach the highest limits of your trading skills or trade safely with proper security measures, I am sure this broker will not disappoint you. CryptoMatex has the right ingredients to become one of the most impressive online trading platforms in the world. Know more about it from its website or get in touch with the company on the phone to know more.

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