CryptoPayIn Review

CryptoPayIn Review

One of the problems attached to the evolution of cryptocurrency is the choice of a crypto exchange like CryptoPayIn to use in making deals. Just like choosing banks to work with. There are several choices out there, one of which is CryptoPayIn. For those interested in buying and selling cryptocurrencies of any kind and who need an exchange to use, this CryptoPayIn review will help you determine the suitability of the exchange to your adventure.

Many factors culminate in the choice of a particular crypto exchange and they range from the security level, intuitive trading platform, customer support to as little as the simplicity of the registration process. It is on this ground that the CryptoPayIn exchange will be reviewed to ascertain that it is good for crypto trading.

What is CryptoPayIn?

CryptoPayIn is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Tallin, Estonia, and was founded in 2018 under the parent company, Navasu OU. The exchange is known for its huge daily trading volume record which signifies the consistent usage of traders in the crypto ecosystem.

CryptoPayIn Asset Coverage

The expansion of the crypto space calls for diversity from every exchange on the space. Imagine the only asset tradable is Bitcoin while there are many other options. According to, there are 6,044 coins in the crypto space as of July 2021. However, because the crypto space has this many coins doesn’t mean a trader should trade all of them.

CryptoPayIn has a number of the assets tradable in the exchange based on their profitability and popularity which gives a trader on the exchange a reasonable trading option.

Assets on the exchange include Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, DASH, and many others.

Trading Platform and Trading Tools

Another factor a trader will consider in choosing an exchange to trade with is the trading platform of the exchange. The new age has offered easier access to the most complicated tools through the advent of user experience design. Every exchange [and business] is looking for a better and simpler way for its clients.

CryptoPayIn is known for its intuitive trading platform design that gives users with little or no technical know-how confidence to use the platform.  Furthermore, there are some trading tools built into the platform that make it more useful.

Those trading tools include Economic Calendar, Trading Indicators, Trading Signals, Technical Analysis Tools, Risk Management Tools, Cryptocurrency Converter, Price Alerts, and Live Charts. These tools help traders to make profitable decisions in the crypto market.

Education, Training, and Customer Support

A trader wants to know that he (or she) is not alone when he partnered with an exchange to trade the crypto market. Every exchange always works as hard as possible to satisfy that desire of their clientele.

CryptoPayIn is among the crypto exchange that provides adequate support for its clientele including sound education and training for those just starting. These materials include webinars, online video classes, tutorials, the latest market news, and related e-books on trading.

Outside providing these materials, the exchange provides full support for every trader that needs help 24/5 via the online contact form on the website, phone number, and email address. This assures traders that they are not alone if they ever experience any hitch using the platform. Of a truth, the experience makes CryptoPayIn users feel like a king.

Safety and Security

This is perhaps the most paramount of the considerations before selecting which crypto exchange to work with. This is to ensure that beyond the natural risk attached to trading, you are not subjecting your funds/investments to the risk of theft in whatever crypto exchange you are using.

The major skepticism around the crypto market is centered around the issue of security and regulations. This also has been the source of agitation with regulatory bodies and lawmakers in different countries.

For CryptoPayIn, they are compliant with the major international policy slated for every crypto exchange namely the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Policy. Beyond these policies, the exchange also employed the cutting-edge SSL encryption technology to preserve users’ funds and data even in case of a compromise.

The privacy policy of the website is detailed and intact and a portion of it stated that no other party is given access to the users’ data on the platform.

Concluding Thoughts

Beyond all these features listed, there are other amazing features on the exchange like the diverse payment methods and the business integration with CryptoPayIn. The review has justified that CryptoPayIn is worth a try.

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