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Who would have thought that the internet would end up becoming an entire virtual universe? The internet has grown into an entire world where it has offered people the opportunity to run their business, do jobs, and perform trades. Although online trades were initially slow, but they have picked up in the recent years. However, with time, the quality of many trading exchanges’ services has deteriorated. Therefore, if you wish to trade with an exchange that offers quality, then I would suggest Winbitx. I’ll request you to go through my Winbitx review and decide if it would be a better choice for you or not.

Education Center, Something Not Every Exchange Offers

Before I talk about anything else, I want to talk about its unique features where educational center holds the top spot. The education center offered at Winbitx is unparalleled as the content here is detailed, vast, and most importantly, free to access. You can access content such as glossary, trading academy and ebooks. Then there are real time interactions to take your learning experience to the next level through one-on-one training, seminars, help center, and webinars.

Yes, Winbitx is Regulated, Something Majority of the Exchanges are Missing

Another factor that sets Winbitx aside from majority of the below-standard exchanges, is the regulatory compliance. Winbitx is was, is, and will always remain adherent to the KYC and AML policies. If any new regulations are added, it would abide by those regulations as well.

Customer Support will never disappoint you

Majority of the times customers are found complaining about the customer support representatives of even the largest of the companies, and exchanges are no different. This is exactly what Winbitx attempts to avoid by offering one of the most reliable, professional, experienced, and friendly customer support. The teams at Winbitx are at your services 24/6 and can provide you with prompt solutions whether you are reaching out via email, chat, or phone.

It is hard to Choose between Trading Assets

Winbitx ends up making things are bit difficult for you not in a negative but positive, as it offers you several trading assets instead of one. It does not impose an online trading asset on you but lets you choose one with full freedom. For now, Winbitx is offering the top five trading assets that include cryptocurrencies, foreign exchange currencies, commodities, indices, and shares.

Ready to Choose the Trading Account Meant for You?

When it comes to choosing a trading account, Winbitx overwhelms with you seven trading accounts plus an Islamic account. You can go through details of each account and see which one would suit your finance limits, trading experience, and other requirements well. Once decide, you can proceed with making a deposit and start trading with Winbitx.

Even the Trading Platforms Come with Options

This is what is unusually surprising/promising about Winbitx, as it provides you with two trading platforms instead of one. The first one is MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and the second one is MetaTrader 5 (MT5), advanced version of MT4. These platforms are the ones one can ask for when it comes to quality and freedom of utility. These platforms offer user-friendly and customizable trading environment. They offer the latest tools and services to the investors.

Some of the services they offer include trading signals, daily market news, price alerts, multi-language support, economic calendar, money management, trading charts/graphs, historical reports, and algo-trading. These platforms are available for you to use via iOS, Android, Tablets, Browsers, and Desktops.

Trading Tools Are Offered as Extra Pair of Hands

Winbitx believes in offering you as much as support and guidance as possible This is the reason why it offers you extra support through trading tools that include live charts, asset index, guide for traders, video analysis, risk management, and market insights.

Have no Fear When Transacting

Whether it is your first deposit, withdrawal, or any personal/financial transaction, it is protected with SSL Security Encryptions. This means the information within the transaction is unreadable by intruders, hackers, or unwanted personnel. The transactions even flow peer to peer so there is no way a third person can gain access to data within those transactions.

When making deposits/withdrawals, you can choose either of the provided options that include credit/debit cards, bank wire, and cryptocurrency wallets. You do not have to worry because even these transactions are encryption protected.

So what is Your Take from This?

If you are all the way to this point, then there are high chances you are willing to go for investing in online trades. If you are, then do all the research and fully satisfy yourself to know exactly how you would be able to benefit from it. Remember, always keep a percentage for loss because if you do, things will be normal and smooth. If you do not count the loss factor, then you will not be a happy investor in the industry.

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