FXORO Review

Online investments and trading are profitable and straightforward businesses of the 21st century. Before this trend of online financial marketing, it was quite difficult to be a trader. But the internet made the entire trading process easy by giving access to platforms like FXOro. People who were once new to this business with zero knowledge are now highly experienced traders. But that still does not mean that anyone can be a fine trader. To achieve that, the first thing is to find a suitable and authentic brokerage firm for yourself. In this FXOro review, you will see why FXOro is the one.

Basic Features OfFXOro

1.      Multiple Languages

FXOro supported languages are English, Italian, Turkish, Greece and many more for your ease. Using websites in your native language is easier and less confusing.This shows that the platform is customer-centric. They work towards minimizing the communication gap between the website and their users.

2.      Instruments

It does a great job at offering multiple assets to deal with. They include currency pairs, indices, commodities, stocks and much more. The great range of assets provides multiple options for your investments and reduces the risk factors.

3.      Trading Platform

FXOro offers the standard trading platform to its clients, which is MetaTrader4 (MT4). MT4 has advanced charting package, statistical tools,Expert Advisors (EAs) and user-friendly interface. MT4 is one of the most commonly used forex market trading platform available due to which thousands of brokers feel at home while using it.

4.      Payment Methods

This platform offers plenty of options for your payment methods. This flexibility provided by FXOro is quite impressive. The options are bank wire transfer, credit & debit card (Master Card, Visa and Maestro) and e-wallet payment systems. E-wallet payments have options like Paypal, Skrill, Neteller and GlobePay. As you can see, such variety of payment methods give you the option of choosing one that fits you the best.

5.      Customer Care

Customer support is one of the most important things when it comes to using any platform. The representatives of FXOro are available 24/5 which means they are at your service during weekdays. You can not only use the standard calling approach but can also select how you want to reach out to them from various options. For example, these include live chats, emails or by visiting their website and approaching them through ‘Contact Us’ page. You can find this tab at the end of the home page. In addition, customer service team offers you multilingual support,helping you avoid communication barriers.

6.      Negative Balance Protection

This is a feature which prevents your account from going negative. Your account balance will never go below zero. So, a client will not lose more than the amount he initially invested. This is a neat feature for newcomers because they are not familiar with the market conditions and know nothing about how rapidly they change. This feature says a lot about FXOro and not many brokers offer negative balance protection.

7.      Protection From Fraud

Online fraud is a threat to every internet consumer. If you are inexperienced, you may overlook the red flags. Before investing in a firm, you need to be sure that it is legit and safe. With FXOro, you do not need to worry about online theft, as it is a regulated and licensed platform. FXOro has no history with frauds. For example, manipulating personal information of a client, withholding their money or any such illegal activities. This proves that this platform is safe and protected from any fraud.


In this review, we went through some basic material that is available with FXOro. It uses the gold standard MT4 platformto provide ease to its customers. It also offers multiple languages, assets and payment methods to the traders. Now,take a moment and think. I am sure that by the end of this review, the choice is clear enough.

By Manish

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