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2020 – A Year Won By Crypto Industry

In 2020 crypto trading has transformed into one of the most reliable and lucrative trading business, and above all, the first every crypto coin – Bitcoin, has been the front-runner in crypto industry. This is an advantageous time for investors to double their returns then you need a helping hand like crypto trading platform who can help you fulfill your aims and objective. One such platform is known as Neuer Capital, whose trading services in particular Bitcoin trading, have been on a different level.

Neuer Capital – A Boutique Platform

Over the years Neuer Capital has become a brand name which has acclaimed accreditation from global customers as well as from crypto analysts and patron. It has even been named as “Boutique Platform” by crypto traders because it offers everything for everyone. It really doesn’t matter if an intended person has zero knowledge about crypto trading because the trading platform of Neuer Capitalhas been designed in such a way that it facilitates beginner traders as well as pro traders.

Dynamic Features Offering

So let us move on forward and look at the outstanding features offered by this boutique crypto trading platform.

1.    User Friendly Interface

First of all the trading platform has been made in the most simplest manner which makes the interface user-friendly and anyone can browse through the features and start trading in minutes. Secondly, the platform is equipped with international security protocols to provide utmost security to user data, trading and funds. This is why since its inception, there hasn’t been any complaint that someone has managed to breach into Neuer Capital’s security protocols.

2.    Variety of Crypto Assets Available for Trading

Currently the world’s most popular crypto assets/currencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash etc. You would be glad to know that all these popular cryptocurrencies can be traded at Neuer Capital’s trading platform and that too at the cost of very low fee as compared to the market. Most importantly, there are no hidden or extra charges and in fact whatever the charges are, they are duly notified to the customer at the time of signing up.

3.    Choice Based Accounts

Another amazing feature of Neuer Capital is that there are multiple accounts such as Basic, Silver, Bronze, Platinum and Gold. All these accounts can be used by any level of trader from beginner to pro and each account comes with its own pre-fixed benefits and features. For example there are dedicated account managers, discounts, bonuses, trade alerts etc. which comes with most of the accounts. However, each account requires the customer to put in some deposit so as to kick-start his or her trading pursuits. The deposit can be made either through bank, credit or debit card as well as through fiat or cryptocurrencies.

4.    24/5 Availability of Customer Support & Assistance

Last but not the least, customer support and assistance is made available 24 hours five days a week for Neuer Capital’s customers. But the support and assistance has been kept open for those people who want to seek advice for starting their careers as traders.

All of the above are some of extraordinary features which have been elaborated briefly. For learning in great deal about Neuer Capital one would of course need to explore its website thoroughly. Let us now deal with the false propaganda which has been initiated by Neuer Capital’s rivals.

Depriving Neuer Capital From Having More customers

The business rivals have launched a scheme, the aim of which is to deprive Neuer Capital to obtain more business and customers. In this false scheme they have been trying to label Neuer Capital as “scam” or “fake”. It couldn’t be uglier than to destroy someone’s reputation without considering how much sweat and efforts had been put in by the victim. The story of Neuer Capital is also no different. It is one of those victims whose reputation has been targeted by its competitors in most heinous way possible.

Reality As It Should Be

But considering what has been explained above, there is no doubt that Neuer Capitalis running legitimate trade business which is 100% legal.


Firstly, there isn’t any single complaint reported by a single customer of Neuer Capital that his funds has been stolen as a result of a Neuer Capital Scam. Secondly, there isn’t any reported instance where the customer has been refused to withdraw his money or that the money he has earned did not make it to his account. Thirdly, since the day of its inception, there hasn’t been any security breach due to which the scammers have been able to steal customer data or their funds.

There is therefore no such thing as “Neuer Capital Scam”. This is nothing more than a desperate attempt designed by Neuer Capital’s competitors only to malign its reputation.

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