How small the house can be, it can be made beautiful by small efforts. But with the beauty of the house, specialty also requires some innovative ideas. If your house is small but you want to show it as big, then you can show your house bigger by adopting some small tricks.

Choice of furniture

•   Choose statutory furniture for small rooms. That means instead of filling the room with small furniture, choose furniture that is less space and also meets the need. As if the need for 1 couch is being met, then there is no need to keep the complete sofa sat.

•   Take special care with the size of the furniture as well as its setting. Never attach furniture to the wall, so do not keep some room in the room. Due to this, the walls also seem to be full with deterioration. Always leave the furniture a few inches from the wall.

•   Furniture in small homes can be used for storage, not just sitting or decoration but also for storage. There are already sofa-less beds and bad books in the market, but now the dining table, sofa sat and some modular furniture are coming up, which also have less surroundings and also do storage work.

•   Nowadays, designer folding furniture is also available in the market. Such furniture is assembled when needed, and can be detached for making the place.

•   It is not necessary that there are heavy wooden furniture in the house, plastic furniture and fiber designer furniture are also available, which also meet the lack of furniture and can be conveniently placed from one place to another. . That is, whenever you feel like making a difference in the interior, it can be done by changing the place of the furniture.

Choice of color

•   Small rooms should always be painted in light colors. Because light color makes the room special. Indeed, light colors absorb very little light, which makes room spacious.

•   Van Wal Dark’s fashion may be the same, but in small rooms do not apply this fashion. Yes, if you want to do something different then use another shade of the same color. But choose Light Shade only

•   Use light-colored bed sheets and curtains with small flower prints, which will open up in the house. The rooms with dark colors, carpets will clutter and feel like suffocation.

•   Light colored beautiful rug instead of heavy carpet.

Look at the window and doors

•   If the room is small, do not keep the windows covered with heavy screen all the time. If possible, keep them unchecked. This will also bring light in the room and the room will not be full.

•   If there are curtains, then Shimri taxation is coming in the market nowadays. They are transparent but seem very aggressive. Use light-colored screens in these too.

•   Nowadays there are designer doors coming in the market. In which glass doors are trends. So replace the Wooden Doors in the semi glass door. From this the room will be separate and will not be closed.

Lights are also set to be new

Lights in small homes also influence the interior as well as focus on the space.

•   You can opt for floor lights, designer lamps, hanging lights.

•   There should also be a good source of natural lights in the house. Instead of doing wood work on windows, do glass work on them. From this, the sunlight can come inside the house.

•   How much light is required in the room, according to which light arrangement should be. For example, work can also be done with the Wall Lamps for Medium Lights in the bedroom. At the same time, the study room requires more light. Therefore, there should be overhead lights here.

•   Just how small is your dining array, if you focus on just the number of parsing by putting hanging lights on the dining table, the size of the room is small or will not know much.

Decorate less

•   Keeping flavorlessness on the table in the room has become old. Now keep the table free and in a corner of the room, decorate a beautiful and large size of terracotta, ceramic or any metal made pot, habit or article.

•   Mirror decoration is a very old idea, but it is absolutely perfect for small houses. If the mirror decoration is done in an innovative way, it also makes the illusion of showing the house to the house, with the rush of the house.

•   Designer Carpet is a very important part of the interior. But in small houses, the strip carpet should be used. This room looks taller than this.

•   Dividers coming in the market, however, are also good options for small Asiaans. They can be used for different work or privacy in the same room.

•   Overhead cabinets are also part of the decoration. If the room is small and the luggage is high, then also save the place with overhead cabinet storage. False sealing is also a good option if you cannot build overhead cabinets.

By Manish

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