With time, the cryptocurrency trading industry has advanced and has added new trading assets to its portfolio. Therefore, the cryptocurrency industry now has more than what it could offer in the past. If you are new to the crypto-industry or already have been a part of it, then you ought to join hands with an exchange that offers it all. EcoMarkets is a new cryptocurrency exchange that aims to stick with traditional crypto trading options as well as adopt new ones. The exchange has much more to offer you so keep tuned into to my EcoMarkets review for more details.

Trading Platform that EcoMarkets Offers You

The first unique benefit trading with EcoMarkets is that you have access to a trading platform designed exclusive for your trading needs. The platform is equipped with latest features, tools, services, all focused towards smoothening your trading activities. The platform is equipped with services such as critical reporting, advanced charting/graphing system, fast transactions, and single-click executions. The platform also offers trading signals, live charts, latest market/asset reviews, economic calendar, money management, and so much more. The trading platform offered by EcoMarkets is usable through smartphones (iOS & Android) and web.

Trading Assets That EcoMarkets Offers You

This is where EcoMarkets tremendously distinguishes itself against any other cryptocurrency trading exchange. The exchange not only offers traditional trading options for crypto such as Crypto-to-Crypto & Crypto-to-Fiat Currencies, but offers much more than that. EcoMarkets grants you access to hundreds of trading markets such as commodities, stocks, and indices, where you can trade against these assets versus BTC and USDT. The teams at EcoMarkets have full command and knowledge over these assets so they can offer you undivided attention and support while trading.

Trading Accounts That EcoMarkets Offers You

EcoMarkets does not beat around the bush when offering you trading accounts, making things extremely complex and difficult. It makes them easier by offering you a demo-trading account for practicing and gaining experience in crypto-trading. You are not required to make any deposits or hold any funds prior to performing demo-trading.

Once you have gained enough experience, knowledge, and confidence, you can take it to the next and start trading real time. When going for the real time account, the minimum deposit you need to make for trading is just $5, which is extremely shocking.

Deposits and Withdrawal Options That EcoMarkets Offers You

If you are interested enough to take the first step and start trading with EcoMarkets, then you can start that by making a minimum $5 deposit. If you I have read your mind right then you can make the deposits via your bitcoin wallet or you can do it via credit/debit cards.

When it comes to make a withdrawal, things could not get any simpler and easier than what EcoMarkets offers you. You can request a withdrawal using the same methods used for deposits. However, you can only initiate a withdrawal when you have $20 in your EcoMarkets trading account. The withdrawal process may take up to 5 business days so do not worry if you do not hear from them in a few days.

Security and Protection That EcoMarkets Offers You

If you are worried about the security and protection of your personal information as well as your financial information, then do not worry at all. EcoMarkets has it all cover for you with the help of SSL Security Protocol that is known for complex encryption and p2p transaction channeling. Whether it is a transaction with personal info or financial, it is encryption protected and channeled without any third party interference. Therefore, there is no way it can be altered, stolen, or accessed by a third party of a hacker.

Regulatory Protection That EcoMarkets Offers You

If you take a look at EcoMarkets’ website, you would see it explaining at lengths about regulations such as AML and KYC policies. The exchange adheres to these policies because it helps the exchange offer you a regulated, safe, and protected trading environment.

It offers an environment where you can trade with a peace of mind and without the regulatory authorities taking any action against you or EcoMarkets at any given time.

Customer Support That EcoMarkets Offers You

The customer support offered by EcoMarkets is 24/7 and can be reached out via phone or email. The support teams at EcoMarkets are well educated, knowledgeable, aware, empathetic, and friendly while dealing with your queries. No matter the query you may have, if it is pertaining to EcoMarkets or its services the real time support is available to serve you.

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