Road safety rules in India

Expensive vehicles will be seen on Indian roads, motorcycles and cars will be seen filling up, but the bitter truth is also that most of the people who drive them do not hesitate to break the traffic rules as soon as they get a chance. After midnight, whether it is a highway or city roads, it is common for a large vehicle to move at a high speed. Cases of fatal accidents while driving of minors in metros are also a matter of concern. In many accidents, the family is completely ruined. Many people will be found flouting road safety rules in India.

Road traffic safety is a type of method or measure that attempts to reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused by road accidents. All road users, including pedestrians, cyclists, motorists or those using public transport.

The need for road safety has become a very important topic in India. Due to non-adherence to road traffic safety, people using the road besides the drivers also become victims of road accidents.

Be it pedestrians or drivers, it is very important for everyone to follow the rules of the road, so that accidental accidents can be avoided. In such a situation, it is important that you not only know about the road safety rules, but also follow them.

Road Safety Challenges

Road safety has become a serious topic in today’s time. Everyday accidents on the roads have taken a challenging form. If these are not taken care of soon, then this problem will get worse in the coming time. From today’s time, during road travel, there are many such challenges which we have to face on a daily basis. Some of these major problems are-

  • Poor road condition.
  • Opening of manholes and sewers in cities.
  • Water on the roads.
  • Free roaming of free animals on the road.
  • Non-compliance of traffic rules by the people.
  • Do not pay attention while driving.
  • Using mobile while driving.

These are such problems, which are regularly faced by people during traffic. Due to these problems, sometimes very serious accidents also occur. 

Traffic rules in India

One way

When you are driving in any one direction, keep in mind that you should drive the vehicle in the right direction only. Driving in the wrong direction increases the risk of an accident. So drive carefully on one way.

Do not overtake

In our desire to reach early, we sometimes try to overtake the vehicle, which is very dangerous. Before overtaking a big vehicle, check thoroughly that you and other drivers are not disturbed by your overtaking. Overtaking increases the risk of accidents. Do not blow the horn continuously – You must have often seen people blowing the horn continuously in the traffic and this is common in India. Some people think that if they use more horn then traffic will open or traffic will be cleared in front but you are wrong. When you use the horn too much, then the driver in front comes under pressure and noise pollution spreads so differently.

U turn

Taking a U turn is very risky. If you take a U turn in the middle of the road, then the danger gets flooded manifold. To take a U turn, it is important that first you stop your vehicle on the side of the road and see the traffic behind you, when the traffic is clear then take a U turn.

Speed limit

You must have seen from place to place that the speed limit is written in the board. The speed limit is decided by looking at the place. If the speed limit is 45 km / hr, then there you should not keep the speed of the vehicle above 45. Hand Signal and Indicator – At the time of changing the road, it is right to give a hand signal or give an indicator. If you are going in the right direction then use the right indicator or right hand and if you are going in the left side then use the left indicator or left hand.

Park the vehicle in the parking area only

While parking the vehicle, check whether you are parking it in the parking area or not. Park the vehicle in the right place and park it in such a way that there is no trouble for others. Traffic Sign Rules Every traffic sign has a special meaning, so read these traffic signs given below thoroughly and know what the meaning of which traffic sign is-

Security measures

Adopt safety measures like wearing seat belt, helmet while driving and riding.

Don’t drive while intoxicated

Do not drink or drive a car, do not use cigarettes or any kind of intoxicant during travel.

Safety Rules while walking

  • Always use the sidewalk while walking. Where there is no road, walk on the left side of the road.
  • Never show haste by losing patience. Do not cross the road by breaking the signal or exploit a vehicle returning from the other direction.
  • Use crossing signals, subways, foot over bridges while crossing the road. Trying to find a safe place in places where these facilities are not available in the market.
  • Cross the road only at the time of green signal or if there is a traffic police, then cross the stairs following his instructions.
  • Those who abuse the vehicle should also be careful not to run away and catch the bus.
  • Always stay in the queue and board the bus accordingly. handle
  • Even after getting down once, get down only when the bus has a full stop, never get off the moving bus.
  • Do not use mobile or hands free while crossing the road or even while walking on the road. If you want to talk, stop and speak, find a safe place.
  • Do not play while noting the song by keeping the hand attack high volume, because of this you may not hear the sound of automobile horn etc.
  • When crossing the road, cross only by looking at both the sides.

Road Safety Precautions

Keeping in mind the safety of vehicles and pedestrians, many rules have been created and followed by the area unit. Thus road accidents caused by human error area unit are usually prevented.

  • Don’t be too hasty while driving or traveling on the road, never cross the road by breaking evidence or running in too much haste.
  • Be fully aware of the traffic signs and rules and always follow them.
  • When crossing the road, do paths, foot over bridges and where these facilities are not visible, cross the road counting on both sides of the road.
  • Do not plan to board a vehicle like bus etc.
  • Once alighted, disembark only when the bus has come to a complete halt, never attempt to disembark from a moving bus.
  • Do not drive while intoxicated.


Due to the rapidly increasing number of accidents on the roads, it has become very necessary that preventive measures are adopted for the same because through these we tend to be a field unit capable of preventing road accidents due to human causes. Also, the government needs to improve the condition of the roads and strictly enforce the traffic rules. If we all have a tendency to follow principles and exercise restraint while driving, then we will surely be able to see this dream of road safety sooner or later.

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