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Now in World, Every businessman and Company want to display our business in Google search results. Because it is compulsory in now time due to everybody wants first all company and business search result check and if they find then person take easy to believe and take an interest in any business.

All Company and businesses create website and blog and they start a business go through online. But they don’t know.  How to add my business to Google search result. So they contact to any web services company and pay to them for those services related fee. Web Companies take highly amount charge then add a business to Google maps and Google search results page.

In this article as a blogger, I would tell you some important tips for all business people and small company how they can add your business to Google maps in the free method. So please read this article very carefully and get all the information about how can we add a business to Google maps is totally free.

Before you add in your business and website details add to Google map and Google search result before you need some important things.

1.     Mob No

2.     Gmail ID

3.     Proper Address

Firstly you create email id on Google platform and after that add a mobile number and verify all details. After that you will go in Google search engine and type Google my business and after you will get first link Google my business URL link and click and go in Google my business website.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a Google tool and Google free platform where we can add our all business completes details and show our presence on the internet. It is a totally free tool.

After a visit to Google My Business you will have to enter your Gmail id details and password and you will log in there and then Google My Business dashboard will disappear on your computer screen there you will add your complete business details.

Google My Business below following all services in our dashboard.

1.     Create a Free Post Platform for your business.

2.     Photo Gallery where you can add your business logo and other images.

3.     Review and Rating Option which help your client give to your business-related rating and review.

4.      Info Section Area there you can add your complete business history details.

5.     Google Map which through you can add and set your business map location.

You complete details after you will do verify your account through Google and after someday your business all details will display on Google search engine page result. 

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