Traditional Shopping Disadvantages

In today’s world, all of us want to look good and fashionable. This fashion is come from how we carry ourselves and how we dress sense is. Looking good is not always defined by whether our clothes are branded or not but it’s defined as how we carry ourselves and our outfits. People have a mindset about branded clothes that if they wear branded clothes, they are in trend and look good but it’s not true. What are you wearing is your choice and you have to just go with the flow and be yourself as much as you can.

When we talk about clothes, there is something that clicks in our mind about the word  “ shopping “.

Shopping is done in two ways that are:

Online and Traditional Shopping

  • Traditional Shopping is the most used way of shopping. People always wanted to see the product that they wanted to buy. So, most people prefer traditional shopping because it’s their comfort zone.

By doing in the market and checking the stuff, it’s good but at the same time, it’s time-consuming. You have to roam the whole market for a few things only.

In crowded areas, you have to roam and find the best product or item for you, it’s difficult and also affects you.

But it has lots of disadvantages as well.

  • Time-Consuming Process

While roaming the whole market, you have to decide which shops are better and give you a reasonable price than you think about the item that you take.

It’s an hour process in which you visit several shops and decided to take an item from one shop. If someone sees the quality of the product before buying that item, it’s right but roaming several shops to  see the same item,

It takes a lot of time to decide and to buy an item. You may face some problems like dehydration and weakness on summer days. On summer days, all of us want to just sit in the Ac room and relax but when we have to go shopping then it looks like a bad area for us.

  • Wait for A Free Dressing Room

As you know, all of us want to buy new clothes and like shopping but at the same time, when we decided to buy an item. We think to try that item one time to check the overall look of the dress. In shops, you always see a heavy crowd and it’s quite obvious that the dressing room is busy. We wait to visit the dressing room to try the outfit. After the trial, we decided to take the long distance to see how this process occurs and how much time is wasted.

  • Comparing Things

To compare products and items, you have to visit many maybe and then decided to take tat certain items from the selected shop. By comparing, you must find the best and for a reasonable price but you may lose your energy. Going out feels shops, you may take the item from the last shop you visited due to under pressure of not finding abetter option.

In traditional shopping, you must visit the whole market and then you may find the product that you want.

  • Travel the long-distance

Some famous markets and shops are far from your location or area. So, you have to travel a certain distance to it. This makes us tired and maybe, causes some problems.

But, if the market is close then it’s fine but when you travel a long distance to shop for something and you don’t find that product or thing, it feels sad and it’s cost you, your time and energy too.


We live in a society in which we all go with the trend that they are following. But we have our choices to remain the same or change ourselves with the time.

It’s good to change with the time because now, all things are digital and everything is done by digital media. Let’s shop online but traditional too.It’s not all about only traditional shopping, it’s about “ how we feel comfortable buying something”

Traditional shopping and online shopping are good but all things have their pins and cons.

By Manish

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