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Are you confused? You should be. You may have heard about so many great SEO plug ins that are available for WordPress blogs, specifically those created by Blogger. However, it s kind of sad that Blogger does not offer built-in SEO plugins for Blogger blogs in their templates.

The reason is this: Google and every other search engine work on content. Content determines rankings. Google really likes articles! If you are going to build an SEO blog post ranking system with Google, you must write your content around the keywords that people are using when they search for that topic. That is why, if you want to rank with Google and with every other search engine, you must target the right keywords and write your blog posts around them!

This means that you need to learn how to target the right keywords to bring your blog visitors. And this is where SEO Blogger is so handy! When I started using Google Analytics for my personal blog, I was confused because I had no idea what kind of data I needed to track my readership or my traffic. But it was there, in plain sight, and it explained everything! SEO Blogger is a wonderful plug-in to help you understand the dynamics of blogging for Google and to help you create a great blog post ranking strategy.

Of course, in order to use this plug-in effectively, you need to understand SEO basics. In particular, you need to know how important getting listed in Google’s index is and how important getting linked to in Google’s index is. You also need to understand who your target audience is and what they want from you and what they expect to find when they do a search. By being clear about who you are and what you offer, you will be able to draw in targeted bloggers to your blog.

What SEO Blogger can do for you is tell you exactly who your targeted audience is and how many of them there are out there, based on how popular you are in Google search engines. The beauty of this plug-in is that it tells you this based on the content you have written. So instead of guessing, you can be sure. Once you know how many visitors you get on a daily basis, you can set up a blogging schedule to ensure you get new visitors and keep the ones that are already there happy too!

On the other hand, SEO Blogger allows you to take your blogging efforts to the social media sites. YouTube is a good place to start as it has the largest number of daily views. You can also consider guest posting on other bloggers’ blogs to build some organic backlinks. As long as you keep your content interesting, relevant and fresh, you will be able to build brand awareness for your product or service.

The last plug-in I am going to talk about is called “Google Reader”. If you haven’t checked it out before, you really should take a look. Google Reader allows you to add a lot more information to your posts. You can write a short article and then add a couple of quotes from other sources as well as a couple of links back to your site. You can even insert an image if you want! With so many things to do with Google Reader, you may want to use this one to optimize your content for the search engines.

So as you can see, SEO Blogger outreach is great for both organic building backlinks and getting your targeted audience interested in your blog content blogging efforts. I have used these strategies with great success. In fact, my entire online business is built on them! All the best! If you have any questions about blogging or other internet marketing strategies, be sure to let me know!

By Manish

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