MailChimp is an email marketing application. It was launched in 2001 and is constantly improving its user interface. The program allows you to choose a template, change the layout and text and drag and drop elements into place. Its useful features are extensive, but it’s no miracle worker.

Email marketing

Mailchimp is a tool for email marketing that lets you send targeted emails to a specific group of users. This can help you increase engagement, build relationships with your readers, and generate better ROI. The platform also offers a robust automation framework. For example, you can use its Customer Journeys feature to set up workflow-based marketing automation. Additionally, Mailchimp offers good segmentation tools. It allows you to use up to five conditional relationships to create segments.

Mailchimp offers free and paid accounts. To sign up, simply enter your email address and create a username and password. Once you’ve done that, you’ll receive a verification email, which you’ll need to click to confirm your account. Once you’ve confirmed your account, you’ll be able to send and receive email messages. You can also import HTML templates to use in your campaigns.

Sales automation

Mailchimp is an email marketing service that started out as an email broadcast platform, but has since expanded to include web pages, ecommerce sites, social media posting, and surveys. While these features are helpful, they can also be confusing. For those who want to automate their email campaigns, you may be wondering how to set up and customize your campaigns. For this reason, many business owners are choosing all-in-one SMA software solutions.

One of the best features of Mailchimp is its ability to automate responses to customer queries and purchases. These automated emails can be personalised and can remind customers to complete their orders. For example, you can send an abandoned cart email if a buyer leaves your page without purchasing. You can also send re-engagement emails to users who haven’t interacted with your emails for a while.


Mailchimp is a great tool for tracking the success of your email marketing campaigns. Its robust automation capabilities allow you to create complex, workflow-based marketing automation. It also features robust segmentation methods, with the ability to combine up to five conditional relationships. However, it lacks the ability to manage campaigns across lists.

Mailchimp can also be used to create custom reports. It has a wide range of reports that you can use for different purposes, including analyzing the performance of your emails. Mailchimp also offers reports in several formats, from simple to detailed. Besides being easy to use, Mailchimp also offers integration with other tools and apps. You can use these reports to better understand your email marketing campaigns.

Apart from email campaign reports, Mailchimp also has a comprehensive reporting section. It contains data about your website, campaigns, and audience. All this data is then collated into various reports that give you valuable insights. This can help you optimize your email marketing strategy and generate more revenue. Mailchimp also offers reports for landing pages, ads, automations, and postcards.

Business card scanning

If you’re looking for an easy way to scan business cards, BizConnect is the solution. The application is free to use and comes with several features that are useful for business owners. It can recognize social media accounts, identify contacts from email signatures, and even scan individual cards. The scanning process is quick and easy, thanks to the app’s user interface.

The app automatically normalizes phone numbers, adds area codes, links social media accounts to business contacts, and exports contacts to CSV files and Salesforce. It’s cloud-based, so you can use it from any connected iOS device. It also supports more than 17 languages and can scan business cards in a variety of formats. It can also add notes to contacts, including reminders and meetings.


MailChimp integrations enable businesses to easily automate customer-focused processes. They automatically create effective email marketing campaigns, improve engagement and click rates, and update customer data. These tools can also integrate with popular web services and apps. For example, MailChimp can connect to your Facebook page to send a customized Facebook ad.

Mailchimp integrations allow you to create custom audience segments, as well as send personalized emails. Segmenting your contacts is an important aspect of your marketing efforts, and these integrations make the process easier. It’s important to back up your Mailchimp account before modifying it. This way, you won’t accidentally delete or lose valuable data.

Mailchimp integrates with many applications, including CRM and sales pipeline management tools. BigCommerce and other popular e-commerce platforms can use Mailchimp integrations to follow up with customers after their purchases, collect feedback, and reengage potential customers who left their carts. One integration, called Fresh Relevance, makes marketing automation easy for e-commerce companies. It generates contextually relevant and personalized emails, and integrates with Mailchimp to send triggered messages after a browser or cart abandonment.

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