The art of making raw food items is called culinary cooking. A lot of things can be eaten raw and they are also very beneficial for eating in this manner, but many things are such that cannot be eaten raw. Some things are such that there is no taste cooked. Raw potatoes, jimikand etc., are malignant. All grains harm the raw food. Therefore, the process of cooking raw food is called cooking.

Diet is needed to fill the stomach. Cooking is a method of making different types of delicious nutritious food and dishes. Today, cooking has become a business too. Today, some TV channels also organize competitions related to recipes. As such now programs like ‘Chief Master Chef’ are being organized. By which the importance of the art of making food and its importance has increased. Many people are also interested in making different types of dishes. Due to which the cooking of a variety of dishes has become a fashion. These raw food items are made differently by different countries all over the world. When making food, balanced food should also be taken into account. In which carbohydrate, proteins, fats and fibers should be in the appropriate amount.

Here are some tips that will not only accelerate your cooking speed but also help you to make delicious food. With the help of which you’re cooking will be fun and easy. With this, whatever your skill will know, it will be wow

1)       Make plans for your kitchen work and keep all the tools in work organized. Put out the utensils used to come and serve in the work and keep them in front.

2)        keep a sharp knife in your kitchen so that you can cut vegetables quickly and easily and will save you time.

3)        Before preparing the food, prepare all the necessary ingredients so that you are comfortable in cooking.

4)        Use the right ingredients, the right cooking method, thereby making the flavor.

5)        If you are going to boil the vegetables, then prepare boiled water for it. Your work will be easy.

6)        If you are keeping some boil, keep in mind that the pressure cooker or the lid of the pan is closed, this will boil the food early and you will be able to save in the gas as well.

7)        If you are going to cook meat, then prepare a few hours before making the meal put the merrynet (spices for a while) and then the food will be very tasty.

8)        If you are going to be backing then keep in mind that the oven should be hot only after some time, then only put your dish in it.

9)        To save time, keep the recipes pre-cooked or cook in advance, which takes more time to form.

10)      If the parathas are baked in butter in place of oil or ghee, then tastier paratha are formed.

11)      When boiling potatoes or eggs, add a pinch of salt to the water. This will help

12)      You get sattu to thicken the gravy. With this gravy will be thickened and tested will also happen.

14)      To keep Bhindi for a long time, put some mustard oil on it.

15)      While boiling noodles, add little salt and oil to boiling water and after removing them, wash them with cold water. Noodles will stick with each other.

17)      Do not put salt during boiling water in order to make pulses of raisins or urad, it will fall soon after the salt lentils pour out.

18)      When adding flour to make the puri powder, add one spoon of semolina or rice flour in it. This will make puria crispy.

19)      If lemons have become stiff – leave them in hot water for a while, and then cut it off.

20)      Once in a month, add salt to the mixer and stir the blender of the mixer.

21)      At the time of kneading the dough, mixing a little milk with water, the bread becomes tastier.

22)      Clean your sink and platform after cooking.

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