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In view of the threat of plague like Kovid-19 and due to the lockdown, children’s schools have been closed for several months. Schools have not been opened keeping in mind the safety of the children. In such a situation, children study online classes and receptions from their parents’ mobile, desktop or laptop. By the way, online classes have opened a new path in the field of education in the country and it is likely to expand in the coming days. Most children happy with online classes The schools also recognized that online classes have become a way to complete the syllabus during the lockdown. At the same time, due to online classes, the habit of studies was not lost in the children. Therefore the university is preparing to try more experiments related to online teaching education in future. It should not adversely affect the education of the children due to the lockdown. Along with this, children have also started enjoying online classes. They are also being given projects by the teachers, as well as they are also being associated with creative work. But everything has 2 sides. While these online classes are proving to be beneficial for the youth, there are still some disadvantages. About the advantages and disadvantages of online classes.

Benefits of online classes

Time saver

These classes save the travel time of the children. Many children go to school away from their homes for review, which makes them tired. Due to time lost in travel, they are powerless to try and do any extracurricular or extracurricular activity. But with online classes, they now have so much time to target things of their interest, like music, dance, painting etc.


Online classes are a very convenient medium. Through this, children can study without coming to school, sitting at the sitting reception. You’ll sit and skim wherever you want. Due to this, children are not able to use their energy properly in their work due to not coming in the summer season.

Be aware gadget

Children are taking classes through video chat, making them technically proficient. This is often the reason why most of the kids today have good knowledge of gadgets. The urge to understand new things related to online is increasing in them. With online classes, kids have learned a whole new way to use technology. At the same time, teachers have also learned a new way of teaching from online classes and have found new ways to show children and increase interest in studies.

Saving money

Having online classes has reduced the burden of parents’ pockets. Money spent on travel is being saved. In such a situation, now parents are also thinking of doing online courses for their children. Now they do not want to send their children to expensive coaching centres. Many state governments are also considering this.

Increase in limit

Now children and parents are understanding that the Internet is used not only for studies but also for other activities like music, dance, painting etc. At the same time, due to the classes running in front of the elders, they are also able to easily assess the teachers and children.

Disadvantages of online class

Environmental degradation

The kind of environment we get in school, college or coaching center, where we learn something in harmony with others, and teach something by influencing us deeply, we do not get that environment online. In online classes, we are alone and there is no direct contact with anyone, due to which we get bored very quickly. So, due to lack of learning environment, we are unable to achieve much. Due to lack of college environment in online classes, children also feel less in studies.

Fear of wandering

Children having a mobile in their hands can also misuse it, like playing games, knowing other information online which they never need. That is why it is important for the fogies that they should not forget after giving their child the mobile, but keep checking in between.

Bad effect on eyes and health

Online classes are affecting the eyes and health of children badly. They can’t even go outside to play. Due to which his sportsmanship is getting affected. And it is limited to mobile. There has been an increase in the use of mobiles, laptops and tablets, due to which there is a danger of affecting the eyes due to increased screen time. Where parents want to keep their children away from mobiles, children are being given mobiles through online classes.

Network problem

Between online classes, children have trouble with network related problems. Sometimes the classes of children get interrupted due to network issues. Also, do not have practical knowledge of science and scientific discipline

Danger of accident

Many times the mobile gets hot due to using the mobile for a long time and in such a situation there is also the possibility of an accident.

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