Remembering something and taking the mobile in your palm immediately, if you can order it, then how convenient it is for our life. If you get an order in minutes and get the order of payment in a safe manner, if you get trapped in the traffic without any hours and by going to the store of your choice, standing in the hour line, after purchasing heavy goods, this facility is online market. Everything is in the online market. People are also taking advantage of this facility too. Just like the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping as well as the advantages and disadvantages of everything

Benefits of Online Shopping


Online shopping is very convenient, you have just switched fingers on the sitting in your house and ordering your means. After this then neither you will have to face heavy traffic nor will you have to bear rain, heat or cold. Your luggage will be easily accessible to you shortly.

2.Offers and discounts in considerable amounts

It is not possible to compete in any business. That is why there is a huge competition in the online market too. There are large markets that offer great offers to attract and attract customers, as well as discounts on items.

These offers are found during most festivals. There may be several reasons for traders or shopkeepers behind these offers. But in the end they get the benefit only to the customers.

3.Variety in things

In the online markets, any goods will be able to see different variations, whether it is a small baggage or big luggage Customers can choose their belongings related to their needs. All the information about every item is easily received online. Whereby the customer easily examines the differences between two objects and carefully examined it.

4.Old things are also included

Many people think of selling their old things that are not of any use, and then they can sell their belongings online in that situation.

There are many people who buy that old stuff too. After getting the information of that item online, they purchase that old item with a fair price.

5.The goods that is not available in common shops online

There are some things that you do not get in common street shops, but you can buy that stuff through online shopping. There are many big markets here that have all kinds of things.

6.With online shopping, we can avoid overcrowding

Some of us would not like to place crowded crowds. In particular, it is not enough for some people to be in a market. Some people who like to shop in peace alone, online shopping is a perfect place for them. You can purchase the thing you like here without the ease of any crowd.

7.Shop for used items

From online shopping we can easily purchase old things. If we are searching for an old or used thing, then we can get it easily through online shopping in the internet. You get heavy discounts in shopping of such goods. There are also some online sites where we can get huge amounts of empty old or used things.

8.It is easy to buy personalized goods from online shopping

There are also some people who cannot buy things of their personal needs by going to a shop. In such a way, we can buy without any hesitation, as per our all the needs of the home sitting at home.

Some Disadvantages of Online Shopping

1.Sounds shipping on online luggage purchase

Sometimes when buying online goods, they charge more than shipping on top of some of the online goods. Whose value is more than the value of the object? It can also be said to be a robbery of the online market.

2.Do not miss the baggage

If any customer buys goods online He can only see the object while ordering it in the phone. The person cannot judge the quality and quantity of the object, which sometimes causes the customer not to get the best of things in a lot of money. Before giving money, the object cannot be touched in reality and neither can it be seen with the eyes.

3.Cheating in online shopping:

Today, most people do online shopping for which they use the internet, but let’s tell them that there are some web sites that sell real stuff. More on the Internet are Fake Web Sites which lessen the value of the item and attract customers to it. Many people are stuck in this greed and as a result they become victim of online fraud.

4.Not meeting at the same time

This is the biggest problem seen in online shopping. The item you need reaches at least three to four days. That is why customers have to wait a lot to get the object. Also, sometimes the person giving the courier does not get your address or the customer does not get the address at that time. From which your luggage reaches you till you are late.

5.Losses to common shopkeepers:

Today the online market is very popular in every home. It is being seen that some items from every family are being bought online but the heavy losses are being faced by the common shopkeepers sitting in the lane. People buy most of their needs online only. Due to this, the employment of shopkeepers sitting in the market is ending, and if they have a customer, then they start comparing the value of their goods with the online price, from which the shopkeeper has to sell his goods in deficit.

6.Uncertainty costs from online shopping

It is true that online shopping offers a lot of variety to every customer. When we buy or view some of the things many times, the online site shows us related and some things, which sometimes the customer likes to buy and he becomes prey to the extra cost.

7.Online shopping makes us lazy and antisocial

It is true that online shopping facilities are countless, but there is no loss of online shopping. Yes, whether it is physical harm or loss from a social perspective. Whatever it may be, but the pleasure of visiting a market by buying a piece of goods, snatches online shopping from us today. Makes us physically lazy. We forget to meet with real life.

By Manish

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