Online shopping in India is growing rapidly. Many people like to shop online, because this provides convenience. Online shopping allows you to buy the comfort and comfort of the house, whichever you want. Many companies are offering heavy cash back and discounts to entice people to do online shopping. In the year 2017, 108 million consumers made online purchases. But unfortunately, not everyone shopping online will be happy with the online shopping experience. According to a survey that was organized in 2017, 73% of Indian online shoppers faced many problems while shopping online.

Many consumers face many problems while shopping online. Their level of satisfaction can be low. Dissatisfaction with the delivery of goods, poor quality of service, bad stuff, etc. affects the purchasing of the consumer. They have faced any of these problems.

1. Quality

   The most common problem is the quality of the goods in front of shoppers who shop online. When you shop online, you have no guarantees on the quality of the goods. Therefore, fraudsters are more likely to register themselves on websites, sell counterfeit goods in the name of branded ones. Since a large amount of goods is sold every day, it is not possible for e-commerce companies to check each product. Many times the vendor refuses to change the bad stuff and refund the money. Websites that sell counterfeit goods instead of the real stuff, do not accept cash on delivery and insist on payment. Not getting proper size clothes and shoes, their is another problem faced by consumers when shopping online.

2. Failures when doing digital transactions

   In addition to cash on delivery, e-commerce websites allow you to pay by various means, such as credit card, debit card, net banking and mobile wallet. Another important problem in front of online shoppers is the failure of digital payments. Sometimes due to poor internet connection or technical glitch, the amount debited from the customer’s bank account, but it is not credited to the vendor’s account. In such a way, the customer can get back this money by contacting the company’s customer care. It will take about 7-10 days to return the money.

3. Website Policies

   Before buying any product online, it is very important to go through website policies. Some websites do not have a return policy. In such cases, even if you receive counterfeit goods, you will not be allowed to return it. Most websites that have unclear return policies sell them to low-quality goods. Only after getting the information of online website policies should buy the goods. If you have any website that has obscure policies, avoid purchasing from them.

4. Delivery Services

   There is another important problem facing when shopping online. Most e-commerce websites have an option where you can track your order, but this is not always right. When you are not at home, sometimes the delivery officers deliver goods. In such a case, delivery of goods will re-set. If this happens then your order will return to the original point when you say more than three times. In some cases, the goods will be lost from one place to another. Another problem is that the majority of the Indian population lives in rural and tier-III cities, they are unable to shop online because not all e-commerce sites provide delivery services at their locations.

5. Additional Charges

   There is another problem when shopping online, there is an extra charge when giving money. The amount to be paid for the goods will not be the same as you see on the website. The price of the goods will be displayed on the website without tax, shipping and handling charges. When the time comes to pay, all these charges will be added and the price will increase.

6. Security Issues

   These days, the number of people who shop online, cyber criminals adopt new technology to hack e-commerce websites and steal money from online shoppers. E-commerce sites will have important customer data such as name, phone number, address and bank details. If these details come in the hands of deceitful people, then they can be misused.

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