Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for merchants.. With this, businesses and organizations can manage their online presence on Search and Maps, as well as all other Google products and services. Customers can easily find and know about your business, for this you can confirm your business and change the information of the business. There has been a lot of update in Google My Business (Google My Business), using which you can take benefits of Google my business.

If you have your own business or you are a student of digital marketing or a digital marketer yourself, you can avail the benefits of Google my business. These new features are as follows.

Google my business posts

Google My Business Posts acts as a mini-ad for your business listing. You can promote your business related products, services, offers, courses etc. through these posts.

It is a very powerful marketing tool. By putting photos, call to action and links in posts, you can make your business listing different and better than other businesses.

You have 3 options to create a post – expected new (event), event or offer. Your fields have to be filled according to whatever option you say.

Make sure to put a photo or video in your post and make a call to action through the button. By doing this, users can come to your web site by clicking on the button. Keep in mind that there is a maximum limit of 300 words in a post, so write effective content in a nutshell. The post will be available on your My Business Listing as soon as it is published.

Questions and answers

Your existing and new customers can ask questions related to your business directly on Google My Business Listing. Other customers or users can answer these questions at your place, so it is very important to pay attention to these questions. You will not want your business related wrong answer on your listing at all. The more attention you pay to your Google Reviews, the more you have to pay attention to your questions.

Business details

Google has recently relaunched after closing the business details or business description in Google Local Listings in 2016.

Google advises on your help page that you can include your business related products or services, history, how you are different from other businesses or any other information that is useful for your customers.


You can log in to your business description by logging into Google My Business and clicking Info in the left menu and scrolling down. In a few minutes it will be available on your live listing.

Google reviews

Your Google reviews determine your online reputation or reputation. You can only estimate its importance by the fact that 4% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Your reviews appear permanently on both your listings and maps.

Be sure to reply to every Google review. When you answer any bad review, then the customers can see how serious you are about your business and take care of the customers.

You can answer your Google Reviews by clicking on the reviews in the left hand menu.

Service menu

The service menu was initially available only to restaurant businessmen, but now it is also available for other businesses such as electricians, salons, colleges, etc.

You can enter your service, its category, description (descritpion) and cost by going to the Info menu. The service menu is available to users only through mobile.


The video should be uploaded today on your Google Business listing. But keep in mind that you cannot upload any video to the listing. Low scale for

If you upload stock videos, Google will delete it after some time. You can go and upload your video in photos. Your videos will be featured on your listing within a maximum of 24 hours.

Booking button

If you are in the business of providing service such as a beauty salon or driving school, then put a booking button on your Google listing. To insert this feature, you have to register with one of Google’s booking partners.

Currently this feature is available in only a few countries. If you see this option in your dashboard then definitely add it.

Direct messaging with customers

Available in limited countries, the direct messaging feature allows you to exchange messages directly with your customers. With the help of this feature, you can immediately convert your users into customers.


Keep in mind that this feature is available only for mobile users, app users are also not included in it.

Website builder

With the help of a very simple guided interface, you can create a beautiful and functional website. Bonus feature: How to track your Google My Business traffic in Google Analytics (Google Analytics)? Your Google My Business traffic is represented in Google Analytics as Direct Traffic and not as Organic Traffic. So to track this, you have to add a tracking code in Google My Business next to your website link.

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