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Cooking is an art! Cooking recipes are made to enhance this art. Whether you take it from your grandmother’s cooking recipe book, from an author’s book or from the internet. People go to the internet for small to big things. People have also turned to the Internet for information related to cooking. There are many blogs and YouTube channels on the Internet today for cooking recipes. In today’s run-of-the-mill era, people want the most trending thing to come out automatically on one click of Google.

This is the reason why YouTube cooking channels have great importance and popularity all over India. Just open YouTube, type in your cooking recipe, and your favorite video is in front of you. The importance of YouTube has increased even more in this lockdown. During this, the viewership of Cooking Recipes channels has increased by 50%. Many people might have gone to the kitchen for the first time. People have honed their cooking skills a lot in Lockdown. Thanks a lot to Cooking Recipes Channels for this.

But sometimes we get confused after watching so many videos. Who to watch, who to follow – In this affair, we just keep scrolling the videos. So top 5 YouTube channels of cooking recipes which are best popular.

1.       Sanjeev Kapoor Treasure – Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

Who does not know Sanjeev Kapoor? He is the first famous chef of the cooking field in India. The first cooking show on television in the whole world belonged to him – FoodFood. His cooking recipe show Khana Khazana was very popular on TV and he also won many awards. Padma Shri awarded Sanjeev Kapoor is a renowned chef – both in the internet world and off the internet.

His YouTube channel was started in 2009 and his videos have got more than 100 million views.

In today’s day they have about 6 lakh subscribers. Click below to visit his YouTube and other social media channels:

In an interview, Sanjeev Kapoor had told that he does not like to cook in his house. Only if there is a party or guests come, they cook food at home. And they don’t repeat any of their dishes. He has more than 150 books in his name.

2.       Bharatz Kitchen

bharatzkitchen is the youtube channel of Bharat Wadhwa. He started his cooking recipe YouTube channel in 2016. His channel got a lot of popularity in just 4 years. In today’s date, there are more than 95 crore views on his channel. Bharat’s videos target today’s youth. Anyone who is going to the kitchen for the first time can make delicious dishes by watching their videos. These vegetarian/non-vegetarian and cooking recipes of all cuisines of the world are shown through their videos.

In today’s day they have 72 lakh subscribers. Click below to visit his YouTube and other social media channels:

His English cooking channel also runs in YouTube, which has about 4.5 subscribers.

He is only 30 years old and has earned a lot of name and money both from his YouTube channel. The net worth of Bharat Wadhwa as of today is Rs 31 crore. (Bharat Wadhwa Net Worth)

3.       Kabita’s Kitchen

This cooking recipe channel was started by Kabita Singh on YouTube in 2014. Kabita Singh is very popular on YouTube. His videos have been seen by people 120 million times. His popularity increased a lot during the lockdown. He has added more than 10 lakh subscribers to his cooking recipe channel in Lockdown itself. Kabitas Kitchen is a huge name among today’s youth and housewives. People like to tell the recipe in their simplicity and easy ways. He specializes in making any cuisine of the world in his own way. They understand the needs of the people and implement them. As he tweeted his old videos back in easy ways at the time of lockdown. They are also very interesting in making children’s cooking recipes. In today’s date, he has more than 8 million subscribers. Click below to visit his YouTube and other social media channels:

He has two more YouTube channels which are in Lifestyle and Quick Cooking.

Kabita was born in Kolkata and now lives in Pune. She plays her family and her YouTube channel very well. Her videos and her life inspire us a lot. The total value of Kabita Singh will be around 37 crores.

4.       Cooking Shooking – Cookingshooking English

The Cooking Shooking Hindi YouTube channel is of Yaman Aggarwal, who has been in a lot of discussions. She started this cooking recipe channel in 2017. Today the viewership of his videos is around 85 lakhs. He is the youngest popular chef and food blogger. His age is only 22 years. He started cooking only at the age of 12. At the age of 16, he got a lot of popularity from his YouTube channel. He specializes in making cakes without eggs and without microwave. Parb – He is also interested in festival related dishes.

As of today, he has more than 83 lakh subscribers. Click below to visit his YouTube and other social media channels:

They run another YouTube channel, which is an English channel for cooking recipes.

Yaman Agarwal inspires today’s children and youth a lot. Their success shows that you can follow your passion at any age. The total worth of Yaman Agarwal will be around Rs 40 crore.

5.       Nisha Madhulika – NishaMadhulika

Nisha Madhulika is a food blogger born in Uttar Pradesh and living in Delhi. She is 61 years old. She is a very famous YouTube blogger who also writes food column in many newspapers. Their special thing is that they make only pure cooperative cooking recipes. He started his internet journey with food blog. In 2009, he created his own YouTube channel. Nisha ji was battling Empty Nest Syndrome when she started blogging to increase her hobby. When she went to Delhi, she was surrounded by mental stress due to loneliness. Just to overcome it, he started his passion as an amateur in 2007. Today that passion has become a big business. His videos have been viewed 180 million times. And his channel has about 97 lakh subscribers. Click below to visit his YouTube and other social media channels:

Nisha Madhulika has also won many cooking awards. Their total worth will also be between 40 to 50 crores (Nisha Madhulika net worth). It is estimated that their one month income from their YouTube channel goes up to 75 lakhs. Isn’t it shocking!!!

Now I cannot tell how to earn so much money online. But yes, it is sure that if your passion is carried forward with your heart, then you will definitely get success.

So these were the top 5 YouTube kings of cooking recipes who win the hearts of their viewers with their recipes.

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