Fundamentally Blog Commenting Making bloggers talk to their visitors. But today we are not going to talk about all these nonsense things. Actually, Blog Commenting is the only free way to create super backlinks.

Nowadays this is the only super simple way to get Super backlinks.

We can create two types of Backlinks with Blog Commenting.

1) Do-follow backlinks

2) No-follow backlinks

Now, these are just a few facts. Now let’s talk on the real subject.

Now beginners wonder why we should comment on the blog? With this you can get good backlinks from Blog Commenting, but you can also get traffic with it, and if you do it properly, you can also make a connection with other Bloggers. Blog Commenting is also suitable for your branding.

Introduction to blog comment sites

Blog commenting can be considered as one of the best off page SEO strategy.

If you create do-follow backlinks with Blog Commenting, that’s great because Google places more importance on do-follow backlinks in ranking factors.

The benefits of submitting your website to a blog are great and will give your business the necessary impetus to boost your online presence. There are some great advantages to using your articles to improve the traffic of your site.

Benefits of high DA blog comment sites

With these blog commenting sites, you express your thoughts on what you read in your blog and get high quality backlinks at no cost. Some blog commenting sites immediately approve your comments, while some are approved by an administrator.

Here, in this article, you will go through the list of high DA blog comment sites. With this W Press Blog article, you don’t need to waste your time, so you can search for blog comment directories from other web locations.

Types of blog comment sites

There are different types of Blog Commenting Sites. Some of them are quick approvals, while some allow you to wait until admins approve your comments. In addition, some sites require a user account such as Discus, Face book and Blogger etc.

The following section refers to some guidelines for using a list of these high DA blog comment sites.

Guidelines for how to approve comments

By following these guidelines, you can approve your comments and get high authorization backlinks and traffic to your website.

  • Always fill the real name on the name section.
  • Read the blog carefully and write related comments before posting comments.
  • Always use premium quality content when writing comments and do not include links.
  • Type your real email ID. If the administrator finds your email invalid or spam, your comments will never be approved.
  • In the Names section, you are advised not to use keywords.
  • You do not need to submit your site to various search engines. Getting a listing in Internet listings, all search engine crawlers will easily locate your site.
  • Your site is included in some other niche. Generally, submitting your website or best free blog site is most important to get backlinks. Choose a category that is relevant to your website.

Once your website is listed, most websites will return to your site. Also, if you are presenting your site to completely free blog commenting sites that are hosted on exactly the same IP, it can harm your site rather than get profitable results through it.

Technology Sites for Blog Commenting

Internet & Social Media Marketing Sites for Blog Commenting

Health and Fitness Sites for Blog Commenting

Lifestyle Sites for Blog Commenting

Finance Sites for Blog Commenting

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