The essence of the essay is composed of two words and two words, which means the composition or article tied to the rules. Hindi language word essay is considered synonymous with essay in English. The English word essay has literal meaning. Small text on theme specific But this does not mean that the essay on a subject is small, the essay can also be elaborated. But if such a prose structure which is not abstract, the ideas are not manifested in a sequence, which wanders about the essay, it cannot be called essay.

Essay writing is an art essay writing can be written on many subjects, so in essence the essay can be started in many ways. Students may have to face many kinds of difficulties in essay writing. Students are bored to write Essay, then some tips are given to the students so that they do not face any problem in essay writing and can also enjoy essay writing.

The research

 Before writing essay, the subject should be taken into consideration in which case you have full knowledge of the subject, choose the essay for the essay, and use all the information well about it. You can use the library and the internet for it. These subjects do not cram behind a study, but through this writing knowledge increases and a good thinking develops. If essays are being written on a great person, then from the birth to the death and the order of all the work, the details should be included with the incident.


Before writing the essay, make an outline of it and start thinking about what to write in the middle and at the end, then make a note of its role or frame in your copy, while writing the essay, you can also focus on the boundary of words. The essence of essay is simple and be clear. If there is complete scope of ideas in any article, then they cannot be given the title of good essay.

Writing without Mistakes

There is no place for language related mistakes while writing an essay. Do not make mistakes such as grammar or punctuation in your writing. Essay means that the ideas written in sequence should be kept in mind while writing thoughts on your subject, otherwise the effectiveness of your essay is reduced will happen

Write the essay in the fixed boundary

According to the limit for the essay, the essay of 200 or 500 words should be written according to the essay written in more words than the fixed boundary.

Avoid duplication of words

Do not write the same words repeatedly in your writing while writing an essay; Otherwise its negative impact will be on your writing, so instead of visiting words, include different words of the same meaning in your writing.

Address the question

Include questions in the essay in essay writing and try to solve them with their answer examples. And convey to your reviewer that it supports or opposes the subject. Write a detailed note, in which you will show how the answers to the questions in the essay will give your logic and conclusions.

Start and end effect

Starting an essay effectively can achieve success in an effort to write a good essay. The essay can be made effective by writing a poem or couplet or goodwill related to the subject. The end of any article should be from its epigraphic meaning or else it is considered incomplete.

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