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Colors hold great importance in our lives. Just as colors are necessary to make our existence colourful, similarly colors are necessary to make our homes beautiful and colourful.

Especially the shade of the exterior wall is very necessary because the first impression on the visitors or friends coming to the house is the color of the exterior walls of the house.

We should paint the outer walls of the house in such a way that even though we may be coming from somewhere worn, but seeing these colors brings good electricity within us. The color of your exterior partition should fit with the Vastu diagram of your home. At the same time, the paint color needs to reflect the non-public style of the homeowner and make the home feel warm and welcoming. Here’s what you need to know to choose the best color palette for your home’s exterior.


White and off-white are the most frequent colors for home backyard India. This basic color makes a declaration in itself, and can be paired well with a variety of colors. White color works well for any dimension outside the house. The off-white color that is in vogue now, mainly for the façade, gives a lot of scope for many format ideas. White colors can add a touch of sophistication, freshness and brightness to a home outside.


Beige has cool vibes and old-school charm. Carefully choose a color of beige (khaki, mocha, tan, etc.) to go with the architectural fashion of the home. For the outdoors, beige can be used with many colors and sketch styles. Light beige on the exterior of the partition harmonizes with the warm wood tones of the windows and doors of the house


Yellow color has the ability to add instant positivity to a home as it makes us feel happy, full of life and an inviting space at home. Homeowners who are fond of making their home stand out can go for bright yellow or opt for mustard yellow for a subtle-yet-joyful effect on a person’s walls.


Inspired by nature, there is a huge color trend for the naive exterior as it provides calming and soothing vibes. The exterior of the house is now being painted in brilliant green colors such as olive greens, fern greens, emerald veggies and sage greens.


Blue is a top notch wish as it has a calm and fair feel. Navy blue exteriors look stylish and provide a nautical, nautical or seaside vibe to the regular, and make a daring statement. The abode color of light blue has a supernatural, dreamlike quality. One can paint the residence blue for the current appeal.


With the resurgence of herbal shades of brown, the color brown is very famous in the backyard of the house. The brown exterior presents the partition with a herbal wood look and lends a welcoming and gentle vibe. Brown is suitable for the outdoor household because it is warm, provides a sense of stability, comfort, enhancement and practicality and signifies a strong base for the home.


Be it light or dark, gray is a super priority for homeowners when it comes to exterior color. Grey, especially light colors, look amazing and can pair well with white, orange or understated accents. These dark colors will make any fashion house look traditional and luxurious.

If you prefer to stick to only one color, use particular shades of the same color to avoid monotony.

Yellow with brown

This is the most exquisite and sophisticated color combination for home exterior painting. Dark gray can be used on ceilings, window frames, doors, around the front porch of the house, to blend flawlessly with the soothing yellow exterior paint set-up. Even a delicate touch of yellow as an accent color can make a home look joyful from the outside.

Green and off-white

Painting your home inexperienced off-white will align it with the forces of nature and bring in positivity. One can go for a green roof and keep the division of the house out of white. The light façade and dark roof are an excellent mix for a shade dwelling outside.

Brown, white and gray

Shades of gray, white and gray create a harmonious set of color combinations outside the home. White can be a dominant color with dark brown. A gray ceiling gives the home a warm, herbal feel; An earthy gray color creates a welcoming vibe for an exterior wall.

Cream and brown

This is the most perfect and sophisticated color set for exterior painting. Dark brown goes well with cream colored exterior paint set-up. As an easy color, brown is the epitome of stability and support, and goes right with cream. Choose Chocolate Brown, Honey Brown or Walnut Brown, depending on the fashion of the house. This summer fair pairing feels comfortable and grounding.

White and blue

Outside the house, the color blue harmonizes perfectly with white. Indigo is a calming shade which is also most soothing and is believed to reduce stress and experience calmness. Shades of white and blue are great color combinations for bungalow-style or cottage-style homes.

Red and cream

Red and cream colors look perfect for a home, especially if the open brick partitions are mixed with cream colors. A mixture of red and cream can also be seen on the exterior of the house. Use pink color in a balanced way on the back wall of the house to attract interest on important points and add charm to the exterior of the house.

Peach and white

Peach is one of the most preferred colors to paint outdoors as it is fresh and soothing. Along with white, it works well for fashion houses old and present. Due to the presence of light peach and light colors, the residence can appear larger.

Grey, white and orange

Neutral shades of gray and white with a spritz of orange are a lovely color for home exteriors. These colors look sophisticated yet impressive, and contribute to the freshness of the home. A small component of the accent orange color can be introduced into the exterior. Orange radiates warmth and joy, and works pleasantly when combined with a fudgy gray shade. This trio is a harmonious shade mix for exterior walls.

Tips for deciding the color for the exterior of the house

  • The exterior of the house and it should be generally pleasing and attractive. So keep a cohesive color theme consistent.
  • The color of the exterior wall is to match the color of the ceiling. Also, consider the colors of doors, window railings, etc.
  • The exterior shade should fit well with the fashion of the residence and adorn the splendor of the architectural features. So when choosing a paint color, consider a fabric such as brick if stone or glass is used in the home graph.
  • Exterior residence paint colors should no longer be applied to walls. Add glam charm with brilliant colors on unique architectural key points like doors, window railings etc.
  • Light colored paints last longer and fade more slowly than dark colours. Dark colors take up heat and are more prone to moisture than lighter colors.
  • The type of exterior home paint used will determine the strength of the paint color, regardless of color. Choose an emulsion, acrylic or cement paint for exterior paint.
  • Always use great paint merchandise and choose a trusted painter employer who practices flooring before painting exterior walls.
  • Paint on the exterior of the house is exposed to rainwater, moisture and moisture, which can seep through the layers and affect the walls inside the house. Hence, go for a water resistant coating before painting the exterior partitions to prevent water leakage. Choose a wall paint with high water resistance.
  • When you choose to make your home stand out, be positive to infuse the colors in a way that suits the local weather in the area, the local’s fashion and general background.

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