How to Get Driving License in Delhi

Taking forward the strategy of improving transport services, the Delhi government is now going to implement some big decision. A large number of people come to the zonal offices of the transport department to get the education license and the authorities have now launched several important schemes to completely get rid of the crowd in the zonal offices. Most of the options have been given within the scope of online machine and now preparations are being made to give analysis license sitting at home. Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot says that the roadmap to improve transport options is being used in Chief Minister Kejriwal’s administration. Most of the transport options have been brought under the ambit of online tools completely on the guidelines of the Chief Minister. In this episode, a blueprint has been prepared to get a reading license sitting at home, in which everybody will be in the role of conducting an online test at any time at home and after passing the test, get the license. This scheme can also start in June this month. Gehlot said that in view of the current corona transition, there will be a big change in the framework of obtaining license information sitting at home.

More than 5 lakh study licenses are made every year

Most of the work to understand the license comes down to the choice of the Department of Transportation. According to an estimate, more than 5 lakh gaining licenses are made every year and more than 2.5 lakh Sanatan driving licenses are made. Students will also get a lot because it is believed that two lakh university students practice for licensure studies. Now after filling the required facts on the website, the preference of Test for Learning License will be available and take-at can be given. After passing the test the print of the license can be taken. Gehlot says the Delhi government has used a format to offer a contactless option and the transport department has brought sixty-eight options out of the 70 options under the ambit of a completely online system. The crowd of officers is almost over. After the implementation of this scheme of being license conscious, the crowd will give up completely.

You can give 10 minutes at any time

NIC has developed Software Program Application for Transport Department. Now there will be no desire to come to the zonal administrative center to get the license information tested. It seems that ten minutes can be given at any time. According to an estimate, every year two lakh university college students in Delhi will take advantage of this resolution. Utilities and prices have to be submitted with the help of online computer of NIC. After passing the test, you can take the print of the machine generated getting to know license. Gehlot said that most of the decisions of the Transport Department are now coming under the ambit of the online system.

If you want to make your own using license in addition, then you can use the license by following 10 steps. For this, you will have to pay Rs 350 definitely on the website. Let us tell you these common 10 steps.

  • To use the license online, you have to visit the Transport Department’s web website
  • After clicking on the website home net web page will open, here you have to click on online service. Then click on Driving License Related Service.
  • After this a new NET web page will open in front of you, you have to choose your state from the area around which you have to apply.
  • After the United States election, this will take you to a new web page, in which you will see several options. From those options you have to select the option to resume your use of the license.
  • After clicking on Driving License Renew, a new net web page will open in which you will be given the facts about which archives you will have to submit. After that click on submit.
  • After this you have to fill the documents related to the using license in the empty box.
  • Along with filling the information, you have to scan and add your requested document.
  • Import the document, and add your scanned image and signature.
  • After this a new price internet web page will open, you have to pay the predetermined Rs.350. For financial savings of this amount, you have to use online costing options.
  • After importing all the archives, you click on submit. After this a receipt will be generated, which you can download and keep in your laptop.

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