Make House With Waste Material

If you have leftover materials from a home renovation project, don’t let them go to waste. Instead, turn them into a unique decor item that will add charm to your home.

Kids will love to hand craft these sock puppets and improve their creative skills. You can also make a picture frame out of plastic bottles.

1. Recycled wood

Wood is one of the most common materials that people recycle. Repurposed wood can be found in many places including lumber yards, hardware stores and on buy/sell/trade websites. Using recycled wood is great for the environment because it reduces the need to cut more trees, which helps with deforestation. It also saves energy in the manufacturing process.

Reclaimed wood can be used for a number of projects around the home including wall panels and flooring. It is typically well-seasoned and has a rich history that can be appreciated by homeowners. The best reclaimed wood will have nail holes, oxide stains and other signs of wear and tear that add character.

Incorporating reclaimed wood into your home can be expensive but it’s worth the investment for environmental reasons. Look for reclaimed wood at thrift stores and second-hand building supply shops to help keep your costs down. You can also try rummaging through yard sales or keeping an eye on Craigslist to find good deals. If you want to make the most of your money, consider buying repurposed wood that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

2. Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are a huge problem. An average person will use 15 products packed in PET single-use plastic a month, and that plastic takes hundreds of years to break down.

Luckily, some people have started to make use of their old plastic bottle as building materials for their homes. Plastic bottles can be collected and used for wall infill, providing cheap building materials and reducing waste.

A great way to start recycling your bottles is to take them to your local “buy back” center. Many states encourage or even require these centers to take empty plastic bottles. Make sure to remove the label and plastic seal if necessary.

You can also use the empty plastic bottles as flower charms to add to your drinkware or for your keys. You can follow the step-by-step images for this project here. Another cool idea is to use the bottles to create a greenhouse. These houses are energy saving and also earthquake resistant. Some people have even built their entire home with recycled plastic bottles! These amazing homes were made by Canadian builders, who broke down the bottles and turned them into foam that then formed the walls.

4. Paper

Using paper to create fun arts and crafts projects is a great way to keep kids busy. It is also an excellent way to teach children about their family. For this project, children can draw their immediate family members on a piece of paper and then fold it into a house shape. They can then decorate it with crayons or markers. This paper house is a fantastic way to talk to children about their families and also makes a great classroom or refrigerator decor.

For this project, you will need two sheets of paper. Start by folding each sheet of paper in half “hamburger style.” Crease the edges well. Then, tape the short sides together. This will be your first wall of the house. It is helpful if you use a bone folder to help mark the creases so they are easier to fold.

The next step is to add a door and windows to the front of the house. Once this is done, you can decorate the walls and finish up with a roof.

5. Socks

One of the best ways to teach children about recycling and reusing waste material is by creating fun crafts with them. These incredibly creative waste material craft ideas are not only a great way to keep kids busy and engaged, but they also help in developing a sense of responsibility for the environment.

Sock Puppets

Make puppets of your kid’s favourite characters out of socks that you might have discarded. Add wool for hair and your kids will love playing with these sock puppets.

Other ideas for socks include a sock as a glove to protect fingers when pulling poison ivy and socks as a way to wear gloves while washing dishes. rlpt: Socks stuffed with catnip and tied at the end can be used as a tug of war dog toy.

You can also use old socks to create a bird feeder by filling them with seeds and hanging them outside. You can even turn a sock into a chia pet by stuffing it with grass seeds and water. Just be sure to water the sock on a regular basis so it grows.

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