Indian Yoga Asanas and Benefits

Yoga is an ancient Indian way of life. During which the work of running the body, mind and soul with (yoga) stops. Yoga keeps the body, mind and brain perfectly healthy. By staying healthy for all three, you are feeling healthy. Yoga not only diagnoses diseases, but many physical and mental problems can also be overcome by adopting it. Yoga brings new energy into life. Strengthens the life system.. Yoga keeps the body powerful and versatile yet relieves stress which is incredibly important for survival. Yoga asanas and asanas keep everyone more diverse and keep the mind functioning. In the Corona era it has become necessary to keep the system strong. In the corona transition period, the cure of human life will become yoga. The fear of corona virus is becoming so common that people are shying away from going to crowded areas. Instead of waking up and trying with many people outside, people are currently preferring to welcome exercise. In the absence of facilities like gym reception, people are now moving towards Kraja Yoga. The types of yoga are as follows.

Let’s do some postures to make your body healthy like this.


Cow protection





Anulom-Antonyms Pranayama

Kapalbhati Pranayama

Bhramari pranayama

Yoga has its benefits.

Complete health benefits

If you are perfectly healthy then you are not only physically but also mentally and emotionally healthy. Yoga teaches us how to jointly sit, do pranayama and meditate. Regular practitioners receive a myriad of benefits. Such as increase in health, mental strength, physical strength, protection of body from wear and tear, purification of body etc.

Weight loss

Surya Namaskar and Kapalbhati Pranayama Yoga cause weight loss. However, regular yoga helps control weight. If you do not do yoga regularly then it will not be beneficial.

Stress relief

Doing yoga for a few minutes throughout the day eliminates the problems of the day. Not only physical, but also mental anxiety. Yogasana, pranayama and meditation are effective ways to reduce stress.

Increases resolution power

Yogasanas control breathing, strengthen the center and lungs, purify the blood and increase stability by creating stability within the mind. Yoga and meditation are the simplest to calm your anxious mind.

Resistance increases

We are a joint product of body, mind and soul. Any irregularity in the body affects the mind. Discouragement and fatigue within the mind are the cause of disease within the body. Yogasanas keep the organs in a normal position and provide strength to the muscles. Pranayama and meditation relieve stress and improve immunity.

Be more alert

The mind keeps cutting jointly in the past and the future, but never in the present. Vigilance in the simple state of mind frees us from stress. Increases efficiency by providing peace of mind. Yoga and pranayama intensify the mind in a moment, we are happy and focused towards the goal.

Improving relationships

When the mind is relaxed, happy, it improves the relationship. Doing yoga and meditation brings happiness and peace to the mind.. Provides the power to form beautiful relationships with intimate partners. Yoga improves relationships with your loved ones.

Increase in energy

Many people get bored by working all day. By doing a few minutes of yoga daily, you are full of freshness and energy throughout the day. 10 minutes of meditation keeps you fresh and full of energy in any busy day.

Physical flexibility and method of sitting is good

All you have to do is try to incorporate yoga into your regular routine so that you are full of strength, softness and adaptability. Regular yoga exercises make the body strong and muscles strong. It improves the sitting, standing etc. of the body. It improves seating by lifting the wrong way. Relieves physical pain.

Intuition attainment

Yoga and meditation improve your intuition ability. So you identify what to try and what to do, when, how to overcome it, which gives you positive results. Therefore, practice yoga continuously. The more deeply you practice, the more you achieve.

Yoga is well practicable and universal. The greatest quality of yoga is that they can be done easily and can be done everywhere. Yogasana is an exercise or exercise methods that does not involve any special expense nor does it require more equipment.

Practicing yoga provides innumerable benefits to the body and mind, although it is not an alternative to medicine. Yogasan can be done by rich and poor, old and young, strong and weak people.

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