Paytm is a name which is currently on the lips of everybody and TV, advertising, newspaper or social media, you will be seen or heard to do patio everywhere. Following the closure of notes of 500 and 1000 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the users of Paytm the country’s largest online paytm wallet, have increased rapidly. Due to the problem of cash in the market, people are taking advantage of Paytm Wallet to avoid long lines.

If the mobile bill is recharged or the bill payment, the taxpayer’s money, or the recharge of the metro card. There is a solution to your every problem on Paytm. Book a movie ticket, or check the flight, hotels, Paytm for everyone and get rid of the long line. People can also use mobile wallet for payment at Cafe Coffee Day or any medical shop. Simply put, a mobile wallet has arrived, which is building a cashless society.

What is Paytm wallet

Paytm is a semi-closed wallet and no cache can be removed from it. Payments can be made for goods and services at many different locations (merchant locations) from Paytm. At the time of introduction of Paytm, only mobile recharges, DTH plans and bills could be made. In February 2014, the company stepped into the e-commerce area. Paytm Wallet partner includes many companies including Uber, and Make My Trip. Apart from this, Paytm is partnering with many companies from shopping, travel, and entertainment and food sectors.

There are many categories, including many categories, Book on Paytm, Recharge and Pay For, Shop on Paytm Offer, Train Ticket, Electricity Bill, DTH Recharge, Mobile Recharge, and Today’s Market. Paytm own e-commerce platform is also available.

Following the recent note ban, Paytm launched the new ‘Nearby’ feature. Through this, you will easily find a shopkeeper who receives payment through Paytm Wallet. It will help those who have less cash.

How to use Paytm wallet

Using Paytm is very easy. You need to login for this. This will require your mobile number and e-mail verification. Once you have successfully verified and logged in, any services of Paytm can be availed.

Benefits of using Paytm Wallet:

After using once, it seems that using wallet is really beneficial.

  • First time saving you time and money.
  • Free Recharge Coupon Cash Back Offer Discount Offer |
  • 24 * 7 hours service.
  • Make any recharging of any of your friends or neighbors sitting at home. You can use this wallet to send and receive money from your relatives. It is as safe as online banking so that you can trust it without any doubt. It is approved by the Reserve Bank, which ensures that it is working as per the financial rules.
  • There was a problem of change in shopping in a shop. Paytm also got rid of that problem.
  • Electricity bills, insurance payments, trouble in water bill deposits, such as standing in line and also eliminating the problem of waste time.
  • If for any reason, Paytm Wallet is not satisfied with the services, then you can get your money back within a few hours with best spoof call app.
  • Through Paytm you can invest in gold (gold). In this feature of Paytm, you can buy Gold according to your budget. That is, how many gold can buy gold. You can do all this work from your phone only.
  • Paytm also offers pre-paid Forex cards, which makes travel easier overseas. Paytm also offers the forex cache, which has a limit of $ 3,000.
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