The internet is also called Net, it is an electronic communication device. It is one of the largest networks connected to millions of computers all over the world. You have just telephone line in modem such as communication devices and media and through satellite Network access can be connected to the computer from the internet. No one knows exactly that this number is of millions and this number is fast Increasingly, the Internet provides many facilities through which our life is getting easier, such as through the Internet, we can send a message to anyone, video calling, shopping, transfer money, and take education Education can listen to music, can watch movies, which we can easily sit at home, from the internet you share new things online to new friends They can have computer and internet connection or have internet in their mobile.

Internet history

Today, we tell you about the history of the Internet. It started with the US Department of Defense, the networking product of the name ARPA, called Advance Research Project Agency, was launched which works like a network in which the scenario of war In September 1969, the network of scientists and scientists creating confidential information without interruption of each other started in the sciences and researchers As connected to each other, the researchers found the benefits of getting information through electric mail. The experiment went on increasing and this network has achieved more than 1000 connectivity in the year 1984. The internet has connected thousands of millions of computers gradually Started the experiment and in 1986 the National Science Foundation added the network.

By 1995, he continued to manage large amounts of communication activity on the Internet in 1995, he separated his network from the Internet and returned to his oldest latest research network, later on by the traffic departments, the business firm handled the network which provided the network network telephone The company and the companies are not controlled by the government. This is a very vast independent city carrier though E is an individual company that institution or government agency holds no ownership nor control it.

How does the Internet work

Computers connected to the Internet use the client and the server to transfer data to each other around the world, a computer that organizes programs and data such as a network’s psyche and provides a central storage area. The client who wants to access programs or data by accessing this storage area is called a client who has a client on the Internet. It can access the files and programs of upper ecosystems that your computer runs. Your computer course is the computer itself. In the internal structure of the Internet, there is a transportation system. Most of the traffic highway traffic in the transport system makes great cities that connect big cities. Similarly, there are some communication lines in the Internet that allow maximum traffic to traffic. WIFT is called Internet Backbone Internet based. This means that whatever data is transferred, it goes to the packet and then what happens when you are connected between the Internet, one does that where to go, then the same It is not possible that in which direction each router is connected to a different router, it just decides the direction of your data to tell the router to tell the data Where to go is a kind of address called IP, which is transferred in the data packet with the IP, it is handled by the Protocol, which is called TCP later it was discovered that the IP address which is actually only There are numbers that the computer can send but it is not possible for us to be human, in order to deal with it, the domain came into existence in 1984.

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