Nowadays all the facilities are available through internet. Similarly, the facility of Net Banking has also been facilitated by the Bank to avail the facilities. Internet facilities are becoming a part of life now. None of our work is complete without it. Similarly, we are called net banking for backing up through internet.

What is Net Banking?

Net banking is a facility facilitated by the bank, through which the customer can get detailed information about his bank account with the help of internet only when sitting at home. Those who do not have time to go to the bank or if the bank is away from their location, they can get the facility of net banking with the help of mobile or computer.

Features from Net Banking

  • Net banking can apply online for more things like pass book, credit card, check book from the bank.
  • With the help of net banking, buying, paying bills, etc. can be done.
  • The online account can be easily used. It does not need to get a receipt for payment.
  • You can work as a bank anywhere. This will require internet connection.
  • Even when the bank is closed or any kind of leave, the transaction of money continues through net banking. The bank does not have to wait to open. The work gets faster quickly.
  • With the convenience of net banking, it is known that you have withdrawn money from the bank. Because it gets instant information in the mobile. Because of which the account is monitored.
  • The information about the facilities of the bank was found only on the first visit to the bank. But now with the help of Net Banking, you can get information about investments, loan facilities etc. through mobile.
  • With the help of Net Banking, you can open a Fixed Deposit or Recurring Deposit Account.

How to Start Net Banking ?

Net banking can be done both online and offline.

  • After entering the bank, fill in the form of net banking and submit it to the bank and then give the bank password and ID. With the help of which net banking can login.
  • In the bank where you have an account, go to the bank’s website and start the net banking by filling the form.

Necessary things for net banking

  • You must have a bank account.
  • It is important to have a bank account ATM card. Because this ATM card can not be net banking without.
  • The bank in which the account is in the bank should have a mobile number register. If the register is not registered then go to the branch of the bank and register the mobile number.
  • If your mobile number is in the bank. So you should have the same number of net banking passwords you get on the same number.

Caution on starting Net Banking

  • Do not give any details of your online banking
  • Keep virus licensed on your computer, mobile or laptop, which will keep all your files safe.
  • At the time when Internet banking is not required, turn off the internet.
  • Do not use computers in cyber cafe for net banking. Also, changing the password too.


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