Ncapital Group – a Cryptocurrency Exchange That Offers it All

With the ever growing cryptocurrency industry, everyone wants to be a part of it and wants to invest in it as much as they can. However, majority of the exchanges only offer investment opportunities. If an investor wants to learn basics and more about cryptocurrencies or acquire trading signals, they have to subscribe to other service providers. This is where Ncapital Group comes in and offers one in all solution to the investors in cryptocurrency investments and markets. Therefore, I will be sharing details around the exchange in my Ncapital Group review so you know how it is offering a solution for all the crypto-requirements.

Ncapital Group’s Expertise

Similar to other cryptocurrency exchanges, Ncapital Group excels in the cryptocurrency industry. However, it has a team of expert traders, investors, and analysts, focused not only in providing you an excellent trading but also a learning experience. The teams have gained enormous amount of skill, knowledge, information, and insights in the cryptocurrency markets and trends. The teams at Ncapital Group know exactly what they need to provide you in order to make your trading and learning journey as smooth as possible.

Ncapital Group has its own Trading Platform

Ncapital Group achieves its claim of being one-in-all solution by providing you with its own trading platform. The exchange’s platform is unique, comprehensible, customizable, top-notch tools, and features to support it. Some of the major services offered through the platform include range of markets, custom analytics, price alerts, daily market news, trading alerts, single-click executions, historical reports, and so much more.

Ncapital Group has Several Trading Options for You to Choose From

Ncapital not only offers you a single but six different trading account types to choose and start trading from. Each account overlaps the other one based on trading experience, services, benefits, leverages, and margins received throughout your trading journeys. Through Ncapital Group’s trading account, you gain access to general services including personalized trading strategies, pro webinars, educational center, account analysts, account manager, and many more services.

Yes, it does Offer an Educational Program

While most of the cryptocurrency exchanges lack a well-documented and well-designed educational content, Ncapital Group tends to offer it all. Through Ncapital Group, you have access to educational material such as trading news, asset index, glossary, FAQ, and video chart analysis. You get to learn so much from the content that has been arranged for you and other investors by Ncapital Group. Through the educational content, you can learn the basics of online trading as well as advanced trading tactics. You can come up with your own trading strategies and test them real time to gain more experience in trading.

They Offer Top-Notch Transaction Security System

The transaction security system offered by Ncapital Group is phenomenal and has been adopted to keep your personal and financial information completely protected. Any transaction you make through Ncapitalis concealed with language used to encrypting data that can only be decrypted through Ncapital Group’s security system. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your personal or financial information going in the hands of hackers or unwanted people.

They Offer Easy Depositing and Withdrawal Options

Apart from offering you traditional depositing options such as bank wire and credit/debit cards, Ncapital Group also offers cryptocurrency wallets. Therefore, you can also use Bitcoin (BTC) and Ripple (XRP) wallets to make deposits or withdrawals. You can make deposits in the form of US Dollars, Euros, or British Sterling. When it comes to withdrawals, you can use the same methods but you need to provide your personal identification information in order to process the withdrawal. Once the required information has been provided, it takes around 5 to 15 days for the withdrawal to take place.

They Adhere to Regulatory Policies for Full Customer Convenience

Ncapital Group adheres to the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies to the fullest. The exchange does this to ensure you are provided with the safest, securest, most ethical, and convenient trading experience. The exchange aims to keep your assets and savings safe by demonstrating full regulatory adherence.

NcapitalGroup Offers You 24/5 Customer Support

Ncapital Group offers you one of the most professional and friendly customer support that is available between Monday and Friday. You can get in touch with the customer support team at Ncapital Group via phone or email. The customer support teams at Ncapital Group are dedicated to providing you excellent customer support. They ensure that you are provided with all the support and guidance you need whenever you have a general query.

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