Ooty, situated in the lap of Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu, is called the queen of the hills of southern India. Ooty filled with natural and scenic scenes, which has a name, has been spread in 36 square kilometers. In this popular tourist center, there are waterfalls and lakes, tea plantations are also there.

Best time to go there

Better time to go and roam in Ooty is from mid-April to mid-June and from mid-September to end of November. You must remember that even if the heat goes to the heat in the month of May, light warm clothing will be needed, in November, you will need more warm clothes.

How By Reach There

If there is a program to go to Ooty from the airplane, if there is a program to fly from Ooty to Air, then you will have to land in Koyyamatu because the nearest airport is the same. Approximately 90 kms from Coormat to Ooty can be fixed by bus or taxi. It can be easily reached by rail as well. Between Meitupalayam and Ooty, there is a small train coming twice daily. Ooty is also connected to all parts of the country by road. Regular government and private tourist buses depart from Ooty to almost all cities of south India.

Scenic Spots

There are many good places to visit in Ooty, the major of which is the following:

Lake garden

This garden is near to the railway station and bus station of Ooty, this garden is very beautiful and delightful which attracts children further. And even older people are unable to stop themselves from seeing the beauty of this garden.


It is a hill-station which is 30 kilometers from Ooty. Seeing the natural beauty of this place, tourists are unable to stop themselves from coming here. Here are the Rallia Dam, Laj Falls, Kalar Agri-Farm, Pomological Station. There is also a system of hotels to stay here, and the bus stays here throughout the day.


It is a forested area located 25 kilometers from Ooty, where it is quite a pleasure to roam. Worth seeing here are Runoden, Picara and Frog Hill.

Botanicals Garden

This plant was built in 1847 and it is also known as ‘Batanikal Garden’. This plant has a large number of tree plantation and there is also a lake. This center of attraction is a tree trunk of 2 million years old. The exhibition of plants and flowers is organized every year in the month of May.


Wild animals are found in this area, they can confuse various types of wild animals. Tourists are also given rides on the elephant.


‘Dodbeta’ means the biggest peak in Tamil language. It is considered to be the highest peak of Nilgiris, at a distance of 10 kilometers from Ooty. This place is 14 kilometers from Ooty. Just go to Kalhotti village only, there will be a distance of 3 kms further. Here is an exquisite waterfall. The water of this spring falls from the height of 36 meters. A lot of people come here to celebrate the picnic.

Distance from some major cities

Distance from Coimbatore- 90 kilometers
Distance from Bangalore – 295 Km.
Distance from Tiruchirapalli – 305 Km.
Distance from Coonoor – 17 kms.
Distance from Mysore – 160 kilometers
Distance from Kotagiri – 30 kilometers

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