There will be a person with tender emotions who can stop himself when fascinated by natural scenes, and then those people who come to the same city in the mountains with velvet grasses, the tall green trees come tomorrow and flowing streams, caves, all things can be seen. In the mind, that city will definitely settle for a long time Panchamadi is one such place, at the height of 1067 meters from the sea level, the hills of Satpura come It was discovered by Captain 4-Seat, an Englishman who had settled in the middle of the forests in the valley, 40 years ago, from today, about 40 years ago, on this hill, situated on a hill high in the south of Namrata, it is believed that in ancient times this Place means Panchamani which means five caves that five Pandavas have spent a few years of their exile in the five caves here.

Arrive by

There is no airport in Panchamari . The nearest airport is around Bhopal and Nagpur. Here Gwalior Indore has been flying regularly from Delhi and Mumbai. From here you can come by bus or taxi, in Panchamari There is no railway station here, the nearest railway station is Pipariya, from there even around 45 kilometers can be done by bus or taxi. If your vehicle arrives at night then you can stay in the tourist hotel located near the station, by road, any part of the country can be run from the major cities of Madhya Pradesh, the buses of the state transport corporation run for the hotel Saket cottage and Mount View is not available in any of these hotels. Places to visit in Pachmarhi, in the southern part of the scenic spot, some were spent in relation to the caves, And these caves are Buddhist carvings, different temples have been constructed at the place. Handi Khowe and British military officer Colonel Handi who were hunters also searched for this place, hence the name of this place lies in the name of his name, which is a hundred feet deep trench here and there. The Rongte stood up and threw the patriots during the freedom struggle. How can the Jatashankar river be seen by seeing the caves of the premises here? Any person can press the teeth in front of the stove on the trunk between the variables, an ancient statue is installed. It is an extremely beautiful form of entertainment that is located 3 kilometers away from the town, to reach near half a kilometer It has to fall down here, seeing the water flowing down from a height of about 150 feet, it looks like the sharp stream of milk is falling in the pleasant surroundings. It is found near Apsara Vihar Panchamari, situated in a quiet environment, 5 kilometers away is a beautiful waterfall, which falls from the height of this beautiful reservoir, in which there is a good arrangement for bathing people and swimming, 10 kilometers away from the city of Shagangarh, this mountain peak It is considered as the highest mountain peak in the state, but only beautiful mountains, but beautiful scenery of Pachmarhi city can be seen here. This is especially because Sun is located very special place from the place 12 Km from Mahadev Panchamari, the place is the second highest peak after sunglad. There is a 30 feet long cave in which water of any spring is always relation It remains in the middle of this cave. There is also a Shivling in the cave which has a huge fair on the occasion of Shivaratri every year. The secret Mahadev Sree Narrritya Caves is also situated at a height of 1312 meters from the sea level 15 km from Chorgarh Nagar, there is a beautiful view of the sunset and the surrounding hills. You will meet in the route of going here. Apart from this, Pratapgarh Rajendra Giri The place is nearby scenic spot, 50 kilometers from Panchmadi, it is so beautiful and it is Raman that is the mountainous place that is here You will not feel like returning soon after your tea. There is a cell side point. From here the sunset is extremely panoramic view and the game view is visible even in far away. Here, there is a problem in the governmental direction other than good hotels, from Palakkot Not only the country located 35 kms away from Panchamari, but the whole world is amazing; there is virtually a complete settlement which is inhabited by the tribal people. It seems to come in Ubli that have come into another world.

Better time to Come in Panchamari

Better time, except for the rainy season, the rest of the year is good for people to travel around from the beginning of the October 8 to mid-June. Even here, there is tremendous heat during the summer and not too heavy in the cold days. In summer the maximum temperature is 30 centigrade and the minimum temperature is 5 centigrade in the cold days, therefore, do not feel like coming here in the cold days. Go to Ch mother could see the large fair held on the occasion of Shivaratr

Distance from some major cities

Bhopal 210 km
Jabalpur 225 Km.
Nagpur 255 Km.
Indore 355 Km.
Ujjain 410 km
Allahabad 600 km
Delhi 700 km

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