How should a city be? Ancient, where there are beautiful and lavish buildings connecting the past. Modern transport system, uninterrupted traffic, clean house, river flowing through the city and many tourist sites around it. You will find all these traits in London. The weather in London is usually good, i.e., it does not get much heat, so people run bicycles. If you take a look at the history of London, today’s period can be called the best. Today this city is the greatest. Is the fastest. The Best. Better than ever is today’s London City.

Comparing with another city, your happiness may be miserable. But it is important to compare today’s London with other big cities of the world. Only then will you realize its greatness. New York, Milan or Paris. There is no other city against London.

Today there are new beautiful new buildings in London. Apart from China, London is the only city where the most new buildings are being built. This is the example of the city’s creativity.

There are many new things to see here with the combination of money and art. New art galleries are open The world’s best art fair, ‘freeze’ here.

London has become the fashion capitals of the world today. There was a round when new fashion designers emerged in London.

As soon as successful, the big names of the fashion world, carrying them with them to Paris, New York or Milan. But today it is not so. After making a name here, fashion designers live here. The other cities do not go Today London has become the world’s most fashionable city.

From street-to-fashioned fashion to cosmetic and fashion to big brands, things will get all the things here. This is not possible in any other city

The city of London is also known for its diversity today. Today, 37 percent of the people living in London have not been born here, that is, they came from outside and settled here.

Legacy of Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, located in City of Westminster, Buckingham Palace, is famous all over the world for its superb heritage. This is the administrative headquarters and residence of the Royal Family of England. Here a large number of people gather to see the Change of guard. It is very nice to see the soldiers dressed in Lal Varadi as marching on military tunes.

Lord’s Cricket Ground and History

Which would be the cricket lover who would not have heard the name of the McLeban Cricket Club (MCs) i.e. cricket’s Mecca Lords. Go to London and do not go to Lords It cannot be. You can also tour this field along with guides. First of all you will be shown the museum. After this, the players’ dressing room and the newly created media center, which resembles the space station. You can also buy something from Sovanar curse before leaving.

Museum of Shirlak Holmes

Sharlak Holmes Museum- Everyone who reads the detective Nahail must have heard the name of Arthur Cannes-dial, Sharlak Holmes. If you are the fan of this cigar drinking cigar then you can see the objects related to your beloved character in the Sharlak Museum on Baker Street. The original museum of this fictional character is shocked.

Tower of London and Tower Bridge

One of the magnificent towers of London, this tower is one of the ancient heritage sites. At the same time, tourists come from distant places to see the beauty of the Tower Bridge built on the river Thames. Standing above the bridge, watching the city of London is just another fun.

Bristol Zoo

In this zoo, you can also enjoy different types of animals and birds with different food fun. This is a perfect place to hang out with the kids.

London Film Museum

The London Film Museum was established in February 2008, which is produced by Jonathan Sands. It is also called the Movie of London. Here you will find films, costumes and other things.

Kew Gardens

Although there are many beautiful gardens to roam in London and spend a relaxing time, but this is different from the point of view. During this London tour, you cannot go without looking at this garden.

Cadbury world

If you are fond of eating chocolate then you should definitely go here. You can also enjoy the ride with chocolate. Chapel statuettes have also been made in this Cadbardi China, which look absolutely real.

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