Travel essentials

First of all, go to any place you want to visit, that means you should do a good research about the place where you want to go and take a copy pen and write on it.

First of all, where you are going, you should make a list of which places are famous for visiting, and try to know who are the places. With this information, we will know about the climate there. This will make packing easier.

  • It is necessary to have a good quality bag. You need something that is light, and has enough space to carry out all your essential tasks. If you have too much luggage, a duffle bag you can sling over your shoulder, a back pack with wheels that gives you the option of rolling or carrying, and finally a carry on.
  • Now take care to keep your clothes, never wear FORMAL clothes in the journey because formal clothes get dirty very quickly. You can use jeans, good track pants, T-shirts if the weather is cold, then the same Remember to keep some warm clothes as well.
  • Do keep one or two turmeric towels. Make sure to keep a light cover as well. Suppose if you have to sit at the station, you can sit and sit (by the way, you can use the newspaper and a big foil to sit at the station) and if in your sleeper coach If you have got reservation, then this sheet will also work for you.
  • You should try to wear sports shoes and keep a good quality sandal, good match box, flashlight glass, it would be good, write your name, address and mobile everywhere in your bag.
  • First add box should also be taken in which there is a cotton bandage, headache, fever, fever, vomiting, stomach pain, take medicines of diarrhea etc. and also keep Vicks, Iodex, Banded, Hajmola, Hingoli.
  • Now you must keep your and accessories like oil, soap, comb, cream, facewash, sun skin cream etc. It is also necessary
  • Keep some documents like your Aadhaar card, ATM, arrival tickets, hotel booking receipt, a pen, a plain paper and some money in cash as well, because you do not have to find an ATM immediately.

Preparation for Your Baby

  • If you have a small child with you. Make a small bag for your baby and put baby diapers, some food drinkers that your child likes, such as chips, toffee, baby milk bottle and dry milk powder and sugar in that bag, if your If the child drinks JUICE, it is even better. You can also keep a couple of good brand juices with you, a couple of blooms that your child loves most, water, and the baby’s light-colored clothes according to the season. Sector take place definitely


Now you have the charger of your mobile and if you have a power bank, then try to keep it fully charged before going to the mobile and power bank, because with the help of mobile, we can get the information of the train, see the map of any place. You can get information about a place, book a hotel room immediately.

Eatables Item

Now it is the turn of some food items, so first of all, keep a food that you can use during your journey and then make things that do not spoil quickly like gram flour ladoos, mathri You can also take it.

A camera

Capture all the great moments by carrying a good camera. Discussing rely on your phone which may have limited space and referring not even talk about battery life.

Other important suggestions

  • Take a selfi very thoughtfully as if there is a river, it is not appropriate to stand on its side and take a selfi and look around only after that.
  • Do not carry too many big bags because it is very difficult to carry large bags and there is a problem in keeping them as if you want to keep them in the bus, if you do not make big bags then prepare two small bags at the time of one big bag. Take it
  • Do not make haste, your train has come, if you allow it to stop, then only get on or climb on it comfortably, do not get off the moving bus in the bus and always whenever you are getting down from there, then you face the front. If you get back from the moving bus, you can fall.

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