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 Traveling abroad for the first time is like taking a dip in the sea of ​​many emotions. While everyone will have a lot of fun on their first overseas trip, it cannot be denied that foreign travel comes with its own challenges and difficulties. During this time, there are many such small things that by taking care of you, your trip can be fun and enjoyable without any worry. Actually, while traveling far and wide to an unknown country seems exciting, there are many risks associated with it. For example, if your luggage is lost during a flight, you may have to face a lot of trouble. However, for this, airlines deliver luggage to the given address. With this, if you want, during your trip, you can get your goods easily after informing you at any other location. But still there are some problems for which the tips mentioned here may work for you.

Important documents if lost

If your passport or other important travel documents are lost during the trip abroad, first of all go to the nearest police station and file a complaint at the earliest. After that, contact your Indian Embassy in that country for help. However, in such a situation, by going to the embassy, ​​you get a travel certificate to return to India and in some circumstances, the embassy also arranges for the passenger’s ticket. But to avoid such problems, wherever you go, always keep your passport and documents in such a way that it is an integral part of your body. In a way, you should consider it as your ‘second skin’, which will save you from unnecessary problems and will not let the enjoyment of your trip get gritty.

Make travel insurance sure

It is always beneficial to have travel insurance. In such a situation, you are saved from expensive medical expenses on arrival of medical emergency. And if you are going on an adventure trip, then it becomes even more important for you to get this insurance done. For this, travelers should understand their coverage well after getting insurance card. Apart from this, your credit card makes shopping experience very relaxed. Although it is a little expensive due to foreign currency fluctuations and surcharges, it can be used when the foreign currency ends.

Go and give all the information to friends

Always go to your friend or relative before going abroad by giving information about your entire trip program, details of the hotel where you will stay, copy of passport and documents, air tickets. Also, do not forget to keep a photocopy of all the necessary documents with you. So that if it is not possible to remove a copy of a document from the mail due to lack of internet facility, then you already have a copy of it.

Always keep these items in a bag

Always carry with you money, passport and clothes in need. So that in case of lost luggage, you do not have to spend hungry and thirsty time in dirty clothes. Apart from this, always arrive ahead of time for safety checking on arrival so that you do not lie down for your flight etc. Apart from this, if you take any important medicine daily, then do not forget to keep it in your handbag.

Avoid Carrying Too Much Cash

You can withdraw cash from your international debit card and if you do not have this card, then there is also the option of prepaid travel card, which you have only one day to activate. But wherever you are going to roam, definitely keep some currency with you. This will help you in Emergency. Make all your calculations before going abroad. How much currency do you need? What is the difference between the rupee and the currency of the country where you are going? Knowing the answer to such questions, leave for abroad.

Avoid buying a SIM card from the airport

Going to another country and buying a SIM card is also an important thing, so it would be better to buy it from the local or super markets instead of buying it from the airport. Here you will get sim for less money. They are very expensive at the airport. By the way, you can also take help of people around you for SIM.

Charger, adapter is also necessary

Plugs and voltages of different sites are available in different countries. So if you are using your phone abroad, then also make sure how and where that charge will be. Devices like power bank can come in handy in such a situation.

Do not forget to bring a copy of the passport

The problem of theft or loss of goods during the journey also often remains. In such a situation, keep a copy of your passport with you to avoid trouble. If copied, you will be able to prove your citizenship.

While you can make many friends during your first international trip, there is also the risk of being cheated. To be honest, you will face thugs everywhere, wherever you go. The only way here is not to trust strangers with your money. It is a good idea to have limited cash, and if you eat a small hoax, don’t take it to heart and don’t let it spoil your journey, it’s a part of life, so go ahead and make your journey awesome Try everything possible.

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