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As time has went by, the online trading industry has grown bigger and better. It has inducted several trading instruments but not all exchanges tend to offer all assets in one. At present, only a handful of online trading exchanges offer all trading instruments in one go. This is where GlobalTrading26 comes in and offers you the opportunity to have all major trading assets at your disposal. Therefore, I will be sharing some information about the exchange. Through the GlobalTrading26 review, you will have a good idea about the exchange before you decide to trade with it.

Let us get to the Main Part Right Away

Before a share more information about the GlobalTrading26 exchange, it is better I tell you about trading assets that you are most interested about. GlobalTrading26 exchange offers all five major online trading assets that include cryptocurrencies, forex, indices, stocks, and commodities.

You can go ahead and choose the trading instrument you think would be beneficial for you. Once decided and selected, you will be surprised to know that GlobalTrading26 has dedicated an entire team to either of the trading assets. They will also provide you with all the support, tips/tricks, and insights about the trading markets and assets, so you can increase your chances of making more profits.

Trading Accounts and Services

When it comes to offering trading accounts, GlobalTrading26 grants you access to five trading accounts. Each account supersedes the other one in terms of services, benefits, features, and minimum deposit requirements, and most importantly, trading experience. Therefore, you can choose the trading account as per your needs and experience in the online trading markets.

As for services, the most prominent ones are available through any online trading account. Some of them include access to trading room, events analysis, trading alerts, educational courses, monthly cashbacks, daily market reviews, welcome credits, and so much more.

Trading Platform and Security

The trading platform offered by GlobalTrading26 is vast and exclusive. It is equipped with services and features, one can only dream of. Firstly, the trading platform has a simple and customizable interface. Secondly, it is equipped with services and features that have the potential of competing with any top of the line online trading platform. Some major services and features it offers include charting tools, historical reporting, fast transactions, multiple markets, multi-lingual support, and much more. You can access the trading platform via web and smartphones.

When it is a matter of providing security, GlobalTrading26 has adopted top of the line P2P SSL Security System. This security system allows you to process transactions from origination to destination without any interference. The transactions are also encrypted so there is no way even for a hacker to steal personal or private information in the process.

Education Center is Key to Success

The education center offered by GlobalTrading26 is to ensure you are well informed and educated in the online trading enough to become independent. At present, the exchange’s education system offers services such as trader’s glossary, ebooks, and FAQ section. The content provides you with vast information and insights about online trading that you can bring into your use in your day to day trading activities.

Deposits and Withdrawals at GlobalTrading26

If you wish to make a deposit at GlobalTrading26, then you can do it faster via credit/debit cards or slower via bank wire transfer. The minimum deposit requirement at GlobalTrading26 is €10,001.

If it is a withdrawal request, then it needs to be for minimum €100 and the method must be similar to the depositing method. On top of that, GlobalTrading26 processes all withdrawal requests within 24 hours.

Adherence to KYC and AML Regulatory Policies

GlobalTrading26 is a regulated online trading exchange, which means that it would not onboard you until you provide your PII. On top of that, GlobalTrading26 would also monitor your deposits and withdrawals. The exchange does it to ensure none of your transactions end up funding any terrorist or criminal syndicates. GlobalTrading26 covers these policies under the KYC and AML regulatory guidelines.

Customer Support at GlobalTrading26

The customer support offered by GlobalTrading26 is 24/5 and it is always available to answer all your queries and concerns. You have the option of reaching out to GlobalTrading26 via email, chat, or phone and be surprised how promptly they respond to your queries.

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