This is definitely not the old Assassin’s Creed, and fans of the series are unlikely to be satisfied with Origins. The game should be considered as a separate product, although there are some nuances here. Let’s figure it out.

In fact, these are just the first games that I had on MY computer. So, our acquaintance began with the first part, which, to be honest, I didn’t really like. A good plot in which the evolution of the main character was visible, interesting gameplay solutions, but a bunch of the same quests every time, and this is even the main storyline, a blurry picture and a dark style did not suit my taste. Then there was the GREAT trilogy about Ezio Auditor, then the third, fourth and … buggy Unity (although the world and parkour were great), and the very unfortunate, in my opinion, part of Syndicate, which I abandoned after 3 hours of playing.

And so I bought Origins. And after 107 hours of playing, examining every question mark on the map, completing every quest, I can write my own review.

I would like to start with the nuances and clarify a couple of points for people who have not bought this game yet, but are familiar with online casino united states and the previous games in the series. And the most important point is that this is a different game and you have to put up with it. And another point is that here are a couple of solutions that can be off-putting. So I will consider this game separately from the previous parts.


The structure of the plot is quite simple and familiar to us all, there is a main character, he had a grief and he takes revenge on the offenders. The main plot itself does not shine with originality, and the main character himself, in my opinion, suffers from bipolar disorder. Either Baek is an avenger who needs nothing but revenge, then suddenly he forgets about it and does all sorts of strange things in his, as it seemed, initial mental state. To put it in a nutshell, the plot is pretty average with a logical, but slightly drawn, ending. But what neutralizes the disadvantages of the main line is the excellent add-ons. quests, well-crafted minor characters, their stories and the interweaving of quests among themselves, creating an integral history of the whole of Egypt, with their stories, tragedies and problems. I can’t help but add about the beautifully staged cut-scenes.


According to Australian Online Casino, now Assassin`s Creed has become an Action/RPG. A full-fledged skill tree has appeared in the game, which is divided into 3 classes. At the same time, abilities from different classes can be used simultaneously. The main character now has a progression in the form of levels that increase thanks to experience points, which in turn are awarded for completing tasks and various activities. Also, the hero’s equipment is divided into 3 types:

A constant that needs to be pumped at the expense of the resources that you extract.

Equipment that can be changed, in which there is a degree of rarity and which can also be pumped for gold from blacksmiths.

Skins that do not affect the gameplay in any way.

The world of Origins is incredibly beautiful and sophisticated. The map is huge and there are many activities scattered throughout Egypt that will not let you get bored. It is also divided into regions that have their own clearance level. You can travel the world after passing the prologue to any region, but along the way you may meet robbers or animals that are a couple of levels higher than you, and to whom you cannot do anything. Quests are also tied to levels and in order to follow the story you need to pump the level. But if you do not move along the main plot, and at least sometimes get distracted by side quests and activities, then the difference in levels is not noticeable. Also, the horse and automatic movement help in moving around the world. In the exploration of the area, the faithful eagle Senu helps, with which you can mark enemies, look for resources and all sorts of secrets in the region. Parkour has also been simplified. Now you can climb almost any surface (to be honest, the animations were also simplified, and Unity, in this regard, was the coolest). As a plus to the world, I can add minor characters who, after completing tasks, can appear in different parts of the world and with whom you can exchange a few phrases.

The combat system is presented in the form of dodges and parries, and there are some problems associated with this. The first thing I would like to notice is in some places poorly worked out animations of blows and movements of the main character and opponents. Sometimes, when moving to the side, the legs of the main character pass one through the other, which caused me problems with immersion in the game. Further, when dodging, attack animations put you in a position where you do not damage the enemy by simply not hitting him, but at the same time open a window for taking damage. It seemed to me that on some type of weapon there are not enough 1-2 movements to get closer to the enemy while dodging an attack. Immediately another problem arises related to the animation of the enemy’s attack.

When the enemy strikes, and his weapon is already directed to the target, at this time I carry out a dodge, then the enemy, being halfway to the strike, can change the trajectory of the strike, directing it at you and not giving an opportunity to dodge, thereby inflicting unfair damage to your character. At a high difficulty level, this causes discomfort, and when fighting a boss, it causes one place to burn, since the damage at this difficulty level, especially for bosses, is significantly increased. This problem is very strong in the “Curse of the Pharaohs” add-on, as the bosses of this add-on kill with one hit. Also a problem is the position of the camera when choosing a target in battle. Sometimes it shows the battle from such an angle that neither the battlefield nor the enemy is visible, which inevitably leads to receiving damage. But it is worth noting that the combat system itself is quite diverse.

Variety lies in the variety of weapons, ranged and melee, and the variability of behavior with these weapons. Simply put, each weapon needs its own approach and control of both him and the enemy. Opponents are also armed with different equipment. Also in the game, various tools have been added that will diversify your gameplay. A couple of combos have also been added that are easy to learn and not difficult to perform.

Stealth in the game has undergone some changes. Firstly, this mechanic is now tied at the character level, in other words, you cannot kill an enemy who is a couple of levels higher than you. Bosses and some big stealth opponents cannot be killed either. In this case, a significant part of the health is taken away, which facilitates the battle with the enemy. You can also add some strange artificial intelligence here. Opponents see you a kilometer away or don’t see you near their nose. Freeing the hostages, the guards instantly react to this, but after fleeing from the place of detention, the hostages run to you to thank, but the guards run after them and reveal your location.

I also want to add microtransactions to the gameplay component and now I will explain why. Origins introduces this service in the form of purchasing SPECIAL credits that you can spend on:

– Purchase of SPECIAL skins for your character and horse (does not directly affect the gameplay);

– Purchases of an experience booster (directly affects the gameplay, as the character increases the level faster);

– Purchases of resources for pumping equipment (directly affects gameplay, increases damage from stealth, ranged and melee weapons);

– Purchase of rare weapons (directly affects the gameplay, weapons have additional effects that simplify the battle with opponents).

If I do not consider points 1 and 4 as a particular problem, since skins and weapons of any quality and with any effects are obtained quite simply, and point 2 in the game is not particularly noticeable (meaning lack of experience), then point 3 caused me a little discomfort , because for the extraction of resources it was necessary to break away from an exciting journey. And yet, I consider microtransactions in a single-player (especially in a paid) game absolutely unacceptable.

Supplement “Invisible”

I’ll be pretty brief here. This add-on has repulsed the absolute desire to keep playing the game. An absolutely boring plot that seems to have a promising beginning, but in the end does not lead to anything at all and in fact is not even an acceptable offshoot of the main plot. Bugs that make it impossible to complete the main storyline. Some activities that make it useless to complete the missions of the main part of the game. And the most annoying thing is the replacement of many activities with useless, annoying forts of which there are a lot and which are boring already in 1 region.

Of the pros, I can only add the location of objects and the design of locations, which makes parkour and movement more varied (directly related to stealth). Also 1 additional task. Everything. As a result, a complete disappointment.

Supplement “Curse of the Pharaohs”

This addition had the exact opposite effect on me. An interesting plot tied to the mythology of ancient Egypt and the technology of precursors, a new soundtrack from which I personally have goosebumps, additional areas that are individual and unlike each other, and a new approach to the battle with bosses and new types of enemies have appeared.

But with all the splendor, a couple of disadvantages appear that cause a little discomfort during the passage. The bosses in this add-on have ceased to physically react to most of the hits (with an accurate hit, the damage is inflicted, this is explained by the plot and visual), but due to bad animations, the probability of inflicting unfair damage is increased. Also, the changed approach to the boss fight may, unfortunately, lead to one single option for passing them, but you must meet certain conditions.

Another disadvantage was the Senu, which appeared in those areas in which it should not have been, and this knocked out of the dive a little (the appearance of the same horse was simply explained by the plot).


Assassin`s Creed Origins is an incredibly beautiful and interesting game, with its own problems, which gave me a lot of pleasure, which made me happy, sad and sometimes bomb (“Invisible” van love), I can gladly recommend it for purchase.

By Manish

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