Before it became mainstream, there was a beautiful Prince of Persia trilogy. These are probably the best and simplest words to start this memory with. Back then, the words “Ubisoft and originality” weren’t fantastic. Unfortunately, times are changing, and the possibility of a good remake of the first part could turn into The Walking Dead, which is still running.

I have a special love for the original trilogy. These are the very first games I wanted to play when I was a expert player of the best usa casinos online. Initially, I knew only about the third part, I played a little with my brother, and I went through it first. Having learned that only the end of the story, and there are two more, at least, and for someone more abrupt parts, went through them, and was very impressed. It was a long time ago, and since then the river of time, carried me far ahead … oh stop, time is not a river, but an ocean enveloped in a storm.

Sands of time

The plot of the first part tells about how the history of the Prince of Persia began. Together with his father, he captures the castle of the Indian Maharaja. In this they are helped by the vizier, who wants to get the legendary dagger of time. In order to use it to open the sands of time, and gain immortality. But as we already know, things are not going according to plan. The sands of time activates the Prince, and releases a force that can destroy the entire world. Games with time in any plot do not end well. And this one was no exception.

At the time of the passage of the game, I already played the more advanced part. Even so, the gameplay was not boring. On the contrary, it was interesting to know how it all started. The gameplay consisted of third-person battles, and most importantly, the elements of parkour. Fights and passing locations with a huge number of traps, as well as solving puzzles, required a good skill from the player, fell, which means he died, almost. It’s all about the dagger of time, it allowed you to go back a few seconds, and that was a great feature of this game. There is no need to run away from the save point every time, there is an opportunity to make a mistake and not be punished at the same time.

For its time, the combat unit was probably good, I cannot judge this, since there is little experience. Coupled with an excellent storyline, the whole game was played in one breath and left only positive impressions. This game is exciting like playing Online Casinos Australia.

Warrior Within

An excellent continuation of the series, as for me. The game meets from the first minutes, battles with blood and dismembered, and most beautifully, a girl in open armor. This part really matured and was no longer a bedtime story.

The prince broke the laws of time when he returned to the past at the end of the first part. Now on his trail is the formidable guardian of time “Dahak”, driven by only one goal, to kill the intruder. It is not so easy to escape from this beast, because the weapon does not harm it. The Prince’s last chance for salvation, to get to the Isle of Time and there to prevent the creation of the “Sands of Time”, and cancel the events of the first part, and his intervention. How wrong he was, although he will undo some things.

The Isle of Time, an even more confusing place than the palace from the first part, plus, you can explore it regardless of the plot and return to the already passed locations. Puzzles have become much more, as well as traps, and they have also become much more difficult compared to the first part. The biggest changes concern just the same warhead. Now it is built on combinations, our hero has two weapons, the main one that changes according to the plot and the secondary one that can be picked up from corpses. Each sword or ax drawn has a different strike animation. Parkour remained in place, but now it is woven into the combat system, complementing it with spectacular blows. Instead of a dagger, the Prince now has a medallion that allows you to control time, as in the first part.

The coolest thing for me was the importance of finding upgrades to increase life. After collecting them all, we get the second, correct ending, and a more difficult boss. The same Dahaku, which consists of sand, and throughout the game it was possible to escape from him with the help of water. And here we get a “water sword”, like simple logic, but when all this happens in the game, it makes you smile at the realization of how cool the developers thought of everything.

Two thrones

My favorite part. As I wrote above, I went through it first, but then several times I plunged into this wonderful world. A game that has absorbed all the best from the first and second parts. The gloominess from “Warrior Within” was lacking, but it paid off with the warhead.

The evil demon is defeated, the sands were not created, which means everything is fine, and you can return home, and as a reward to marry the Empress of Time. It’s a pity that time is a very difficult and fragile thing, and it never stands still. By canceling one event, the hero canceled the death of the vizier from the first part, who now took over his house. The Vizier longs for immortality, for this he needs Kaileena, whom the Prince “successfully” brought into his clutches. After killing the empress, the old man gains immortality and the power of the sands, simultaneously turning everyone in the castle into sand demons. Our hero is only required to kill the main villain. Of course, everything will not be so simple, and the plot in this part is not inferior to its predecessors. The prince will have to relive the pain of loss and the joy of acquaintance, as well as understand that nothing will be the same, and the games always end badly over time.

Yes, you read that right, again puzzles, parkour and sword fighting. Now the hero in his hands again has the Dagger of Time, which is the main weapon, and the second we pick up from the enemies. The battles are still spectacular and full of action. The main features of this part were the ability to turn for a while into a “dark prince” wielding a chain and with his own set of attacks (it’s a pity, he turns into him in the moments prescribed by the plot), as well as a system of quick kills. How I enjoyed it, with such grace to kill one or more opponents, during the whole game I never got tired of it.

A cool moment was the alter ego of the protagonist, in addition to the transformation, the voice of the dark prince sounded in the Prince’s head throughout the game. He was constantly commenting on your actions, making fun of you, and cheerfully complementing the game. The boss, a huge uncle, a demon made of sand, was a personal “as much as possible”. About 30 times, probably, I tried to kill him, and when it was necessary to deliver the final blow, I did not succeed. I thought the game was broken, as it turned out later from a friend, you just had to wait for the dagger to light up and do the finishing move.


You could have told more details about the plot, but why? Olds are remembered, and the new generation will soon find out about everything. I hope the developers will not limit themselves to a remake of only the first part. I will add just a couple of facts that everyone might know. In each part of the series at the end of the game, the Prince receives a blade that kills enemies with one blow. For all three parts, and in subsequent games, the name of the prince is not called. In fact, this is just a nickname for different heroes. Only in the movie (which was pretty good) was the prince named by his name, Dastan. 

I know that Prinсe of Persia games were not the first to feature parkour elements, but the first ones with such entertainment and graphics. By the way, I also liked other games about the Prince, each had its own flavor. But as for me, a whole trilogy is better than an attempt to ride an old camel. If the developers need another desert, let them make the “Prince” out of Aladdin, and make the story darker, but that’s it, thinking out loud. It is definitely worth updating the series, the “old people” are pleased, and the youth should know the materiel.     

By Manish

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