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Summer vacation is a holiday period that occurs during the summer season. All schools and colleges are closed during this period due to high environmental temperatures in the summer months (especially half of May and the whole of June). It becomes the hottest period of the year during the summer holidays. Children feel great joy and relax through the holidays. We have to do a lot of things during summer or winter holidays, such as going out with family or friends, attending a summer camp, etc.

Another purpose of summer vacation is to give the students a little rest from the unbearable heat of the summer season. Extreme heat can cause a lot of damage, so summer vacation is the best option to study and give them a break from the heat. Summer time is quality time for children. It is a time of simple joy and excitement. During these holidays, children can do all that they are interested in. They can enjoy with their parents, best friends, neighbors etc. through the holidays.

On the other hand, there are some children whose parents are both very busy and do not have any time for their children. Therefore, they also keep their children busy in various activities. Such children have strict discipline and tightly tied routines in the house, so that there is no difference between holidays and normal days for those children. They have started getting bored with this boring routine.

There are some parents who want to make these holidays useful in the right way. They want the children to make some plans for them before the holidays come, so that their holiday can be properly utilized along with the development of their personality.

Children are environmentally conscious and responsible

Children should be made environmentally conscious and responsible and help them to form a relationship with nature. Children can be motivated to plant trees. The children should get small saplings planted in their school or home and the child is requested to raise their saplings. Ask them to take care of those plants throughout the year. Planting and raising plants makes it a habit for children to take care of others, realizing responsibility.

Craft item making

Children can also learn the workmanship of making some useful items from old and useless things. Newspaper can be made from envelopes and plastic items and bottles to decorate items. Often discarded packaging boxes and boxes can also be of good use. Copies and diaries used in rough work can be made for the next year by tearing out blank sheets of previous year’s copies and notebooks. The satisfaction and joy that children will get by doing all this cannot be imagined.

You can make birthday cards and other greeting cards on drawing paper or glossy paper. Children would be more satisfied with saving money that they made cards with their hands and gave it to their family, friends, acquaintances and relatives. Those who received these cards were also more happy. Often people keep such cards more carefully. 

Parents can resurrect old-time worries

Such parents, who were born 80 or earlier, will also remember these things and they will be able to see themselves by connecting with it. There was also a time when summer vacation did not mean to spend hours watching TV, being busy on cell phones and spending time in talk of bay syrup. That time used to be lost in the world of books, playing interactive outdoor games and so on. How good it is if you revive all those activities for your children and give them a chance to experience the holidays of the old school days, all those activities will not only be fun for them, but also a chance to learn a lot. Will give

For attachment to sports

We have all become living in a 24-hour AC controlled environment, but remember we all grew up in schools where there was no facility like air conditioner, despite this our immunity (disease resistance) today Used to be much stronger than the children of No person would want to send their child to play in the park outside the house in a warm afternoon, but if your child is busy only in indoor activities, then there will be a possibility that he may not get mixed up in the society.

Relive the joy of reading

There is no better and true friend than books. Less reading habit among children is a matter of concern all over the world. The habit of reading is like a focal point in a child’s education and it gives the child an opportunity to prepare for life after school. It helps children to develop emotionally, socially, at the level of intelligence and at the cultural level. In the summer holidays children can make reading habits. Like with the help of story books or comics, they can also increase this habit.

Participation in social work

Nowadays it is complained that children do not care about their elders. It is blamed on his generation. Nobody thinks that children are not being given such rites to honor elders. Some schools and colleges in Mumbai conducted an experiment in this regard. He sent some of his students through some NGOs to help the destitute people. This led to many positive results. Some children took responsibility for teaching orphans and pavement children. Some went to the slums and explained the importance of education and health to the people there. Some spent some time visiting orphanages and old age homes. Such children proved more responsible towards the society.

Prepare the mind

If your child is aged 3-5, then you have a lot to do. It is a difficult task to engage these dear, young punks in anything. Coding is not rocket science and your little devil can learn to code in a game. Such play sets encourage children to be imaginative and explore the world of programming and provide gender-neutral games that increase a child’s creativity, critical thinking abilities, space awareness and communication skills.

In today’s digital age, children cannot be completely separated from the screen, but it can try and ensure that their time is full of productivity in which they can learn something right and meaningful. Also, with the help of blocks and visualizing tools, any topic can be easily taught, taught and screen time is best used for the child.

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