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All students are always worried about the board exams. But there is no such board exam that you cannot score well in it. By adopting a little planning and tips, you can top the board examinations or get good marks. Board examinations for those students are the first experience in class 10, so obviously they will have to be most scared and because of which they cannot perform as well as they could do in the exam.

Prepare all topics with plans

Reading and making plans is very important for bringing good marks. But at the same time it is important to decide which topic of the subject to start reading first. If you yourself do not understand how to divide the topic, then you should take full help from your teacher and along with it, start preparing based on the question paper of the previous year. The biggest benefit from this will be that before the exam all those topics will be covered, which is expected to be asked more.

Focus on preparation

Preparing all the papers well reduces exam stress. So if your preparation is not doing properly, then make a routine again so that all the topics can be covered properly. Keep in mind that do not make the mistake of making an impractical time table to read 18 or 20 hours out of the 24 hours of the day. Keep a maximum reading time of 12 hours daily. In between it is necessary to relax in the middle.

Think Positively:

Any fear can be overcome by positive thinking. Positive thinking keeps you relaxed and you are able to study better. Therefore it is very important to keep positive thinking. If the students take even 50% of the tension they pay attention to their studies, then they can get much better marks.

Resolve old question paper with time limit:

The best way to prepare for the exam is also that the students practice the old question paper, but while practicing, remember that the entire question paper has to be solved within a set time. It is very important to improve the time management habit because it will make it easier to manage time during the exam. This method prepares students for exam environment in the right places. Solving the question paper in this way will not only bring in time management, but will also catch the scoring technique.

Read with awareness

Reading more does not necessarily earn you more marks. Better success in exams is achieved only when studied with awareness. For this, the help of previous years question papers can be taken. Actually, many things are given in the text book for information, it is not much related to the examination. A conscious student should identify it and keep it in mind while preparing for the exam. If you do not do this, then in the last days of preparing for the exam, you will remain in the condition of what to read and what not to read, and will also be unnecessarily under stress.

Do not understand the subject and beat it:

If you want to get good marks in the exam then first of all it is important that instead of rote any topic, try to understand it. Many times it happens that just rote books and guides like parrots change many questions during the paper, which students are unable to understand. Due to which the students start getting nervous seeing these questions. In such a situation, instead of rote the topic, you should understand it and give it a paper.

Prepare hard topics first

Many times students do that which they find easy, try to finish it first and leave it for later which they find difficult, in doing so the exam time comes closer and for that difficult chapter The time is less for which they are not able to prepare properly. That is why it is suggested to prepare for difficult things first.

Make time table

It is seen that the students coming to the top definitely make their own time table. If you want to get a good number in the exam, first set one time table. Divide each subject according to the time and study it. The subject in which you are more vulnerable, give you as much time as possible on the subject. But also take care that the subject on which you have good knowledge, also give time to revise it.

Make notes:

This is a tested and tested rule. Notes will always help you. Whenever you read or revise, keep your notes carefully. Often children postpone their studies and come under pressure after seeing the complete syllabus, at that time your notes are very helpful for repeating the old reading and do not be negligent in reading or making notes of what you are reading. Set goals daily and keep repeating your notes with preparation accordingly.

Eat good food

Yes, you must also have good food for a good number. Your diet should be such that the amount of protein is high. Eat green vegetables, fresh fruits, dairy products and eggs. Soups, green tea and fresh juice should be on your diet chart, and of course keep away from junk food. Don’t eat too much fat. Do not say too much or you will become a victim of laziness.

Practice by writing

Many students have a habit that they read while reciting or remembering in mind. But that’s not enough to prepare for the exam. You should also have a habit of writing and your writing speed should also be good. Many times children are found to be saying that they were all but there was no time to write. Do not have this problem with you, so make a habit of writing, it will give you two benefits. Your writing speed will be good as well as your handwriting will also improve which will help you for better marks.

Stay away from gadget

Nowadays every home has mobile and computer. For some days, remove these things from yourself. Especially children have a lot of gaming, etc., so do not attract yourself to this side and cut the time spent in mobile and computer.

Get a habit of getting up early:

Getting up early in the morning is good for everyone. If you are a student then it can be especially beneficial for you. Try to get up early in the morning just a few months before the exam. Start your studies by doing your regular tasks in the morning. When you get up early, you save a lot of time and you get more time during the day for your studies. By the way, everyone knows how beneficial it is to study in the morning because after a good sleep you are very fresh and full of energy. In the morning there is an atmosphere of peace. That is why it is also said that sleeping early, getting up early makes a man healthy, prosperous and wisdom. You have long remembered for the studies in the morning.

Conclusion – If you start following the tips mentioned in this article in preparation for your board exam from today, then you can easily get more than 90% marks in board exam, if needed, just prepare for exam regularly. Do not leave any stone unturned in preparation for the board exam as well. Do not postpone things in laziness, it will only cause harm.

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