The big family is full of many kinds of difficulties. The big family is not only more than the eyes of the numbers, but also the more painful and the worrying of the problems, because the basic realities of the big family are so much more elaborate that their completion is a big surprise. In this family where income is high, its expenses are also many times more than that. As the number of family increases, by the way, the expenses of one member of the family are cut.

A small family is a group of people, which is composed of parents, and one or two children, a small family is compared to their limited ambitions compared to the large family. Its members are limited. Their expectations are smaller and less expensive, because its income is also low. According to this, a small number of this family is also well spent to fulfill one of the expectations. The consent and consent of the small family members is more than the larger family members. There is unity among the members of this family whose only reason is to get it – to understand mutual suffering pleasure immediately and to have a mutual hand in it. The opportunity to share hands in sad pleasures gets more than the family of a small family, because with less numbers, it does not take long for the other to reach or understand the misery of others. Because of the small family, the problems of bread, cloth and corn are not so big and fierce, as is that of a big family. In this way, the small family becomes a very superior and happier family than a large family.

Small family benefits

1. Children of small family get a better education and environment. Their qualities are developed

2. By adopting two of our two rules, we can help control our growing population of our country.

3. Every member of the house needs his own needs, so if the family is big then it is difficult for everybody to take every bag which makes the mindset increase and the family arrangement gets staggered. In the end, the family gets divided, but in the small family this kind of problem is not there.

4. If the income and expenditure are high, the person who earns the family has to work harder and even after surviving so much hard work, then keeping away from the members of the house, the person who comes to work at home becomes burdened by other family members. But this kind of problem can be avoided in the small family.

5. At a time the small family’s happy family definition has changed, new surveys and research show that today’s small families form the foundation for the wealthy family of the future.

6. In the family of small family, mutual love and conflict are less and hence there remains an atmosphere of peace.

Loss of a small family

Although a small family provides significant benefits to children, parents, and society, as well as its own deficiency, there are some disadvantages of having a small family:

  • It makes the child a selfish person

   The most obvious loss of a small family can be achieved when the child becomes selfish, except for that brother relationship, the only child in a small family cannot learn the way to share. Although children can be involved in all activities with many children, where they can study their social skills, it is not equal to stable support that a sister or brother can give.

  •  It prevents the child from learning responsibility.

   The disadvantage of a small family is that the child has no opportunity to learn first responsibility in his life. The reason for this is that they have little brothers and sisters to take care of them.

  •  The child may feel lonely

   A small child with a child can give a sense of loneliness. The reason for this is that the child has no siblings, and she cannot learn the difference between desires and needs, because parents are unable to stop everything from which every child needs what they want.

  •  Parents may have to face the problem when they are old

   When a small family’s parents get old and need help, they do not have enough children to take care of them. Apart from this, when they need help, if there are additional children in the family, then they can help each other.

  • No medical attention

      In a small family, if the only child becomes sick, then after working for his parents, there will be no member to take care of his family.

  • A small family can show the way to the fall of a child.

      If a child is shown in a small family with very pampered affection or love, then the child may be stupid, which can show the way to the child’s downfall

  •  Ego occurs in small family children

      Children in a small family can become wasteful and less accountable because in the family as a single child, he is associated with habitualism and less developed communal skills.

  •  The feeling of peace started to decrease

      Due to being away from each other, the feelings of mutual harm between the family members begin to subside too. And gradually they are completely cut off from their own family. As a result, he has no reason for the happiness and sorrow of his relatives. First of all, the Teej festival is full of happiness.

By Manish

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