Marriage life

Life changes after marriage, life changes completely and we all know. Well, the biggest bias people usually feel is that it is only the girl whose life changes and only one girl has to sacrifice and adjust her married life. But, even the boys face many difficulties. Marriage brings a big change in life. After marriage, many changes are seen in human nature. His gesture and lifestyle suddenly change.

Feeling of responsibility 

Maintaining a relationship is a feeling of responsibility. Boys become more responsible after marriage. Their childishness decreases and they look very mature. They begin to become aware of their responsibilities and they are more worried about the relationship than before.

Learns to share

Being alone sometimes gives a pleasant feeling. During this time, you are the sole owner of the happy moments of life and there is no possibility of interference of anyone in it. After marriage, your personal space is not left as before. Now you have to share every small and big thing with your wife and family. Even you have to share the bathroom. After marriage, you have to share your time with your wife and then with the children.

One has to be socially 

marriage is not only the meeting of two people, but the meeting of two families. After marriage, many relationships – we get connected to which we have to be accountable. Relationships are very fragile, so after marriage they have to take special care. However, some people like solitude and they are not very socially active. For such people, this is a big challenge after marriage.

Begins to take care 

before marriage a man does not care about himself. He does not even take proper care of his things. After marriage, this negligence and carelessness takes the place of responsibility and he also takes care of his spouse.

He learns to make rapport

 after marriage he has to give equal time to every relationship. After the arrival of the wife, she has to find time for her parents, siblings as well as other relatives. With this, he learns to create synergy between relationships.

Missing Masti

Bachelors often like to go to nightout. They roam freely and have fun with their friends. After marriage, they have to sacrifice their happiness. For him, giving time to his life partner gets added to his priorities.

You have to make compromises with your hobby 

Due to increasing responsibilities after marriage, a person has to leave his hobby behind. With the job, he also has to give time to his family, after which he does not have time to fulfill his hobby-e-sukun.

The journey from hard drinks to soft drink

You can drink beer or alcohol after marriage because if anything goes wrong in anyone’s life, you and your habit of drinking will be blamed for this. You can’t get high because you have to take care of the kids and the family which are alone enough to make you high. The only drinks which matter after a marriage are juice and shakes.

Careful about the future

As soon as new Humsafar comes in life, the worry of keeping a person satisfied with him also starts taking birth. He becomes alert about his health, his desires, his safety.

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