Good habits in your children

What are good habits?

Good habits are those that help children to become a better person. Like respecting elders, reading good books, etc., which children must teach.

It is very important for children to have good habits because it not only helps the child to become a better person but also helps in leading a good health life.

Good health food and exercise are also included in good habits. Because it protects the child from diseases and helps in living a better life.

Choose a few good habits that you must teach your children

Living cleanly

First of all, make it a habit for children to clean their body like cleaning teeth, bathing, cutting of nails, hand washing before eating anything and after going to the toilet, keeping their toys etc. properly, messy their clothes Do not.

Respect for elders –

Teach the child to respect and respect everyone. Like talking politely to elders, listening to them, not insisting on them, etc.

Importance of time –

Teach the child the importance of time to get ahead in life such as going to school on time, drinking milk and food on time, doing all your work on time, and sleeping at night from time to time.

Obeying the orders of elders

Teach the child that they should respect their elders, help them in all their work. Never use wrong words in front of children.

The habit of sleeping at the right time –

Have your child get up at the right time and get used to sleeping at the right time.

The hands coming from outside, feet wash that face –

Make it a habit in the child that when you reach home after coming from outside or after playing, then wash your hands, feet and face so that the dirt in the hands and feet will be cleaned and the dirt lying in the eyes will be cleared by washing the face.

Dust – dirt accumulated on the baby’s hands and feet not only pose a risk of stomach infection and respiratory diseases but can also cause skin problems to children.

Being honest –

You should instill a habit of honesty within your child. Because if your child is honest, he will neither lie, steal or cheat anyone, he will always be honest about his work.

Work hard

Cultivate this habit inside your child so that he is loyal and focused towards his work. Many times it happens that in the absence of proper guidance, the child gets used to working carelessly. Teach the child to be perfect in every task.

To associate –

Must teach the child to help others. There should be a sense of pity and help not only towards his acquaintances but also towards everyone.

Saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’

As soon as they started talking well, then teach them to be polite. Teach them to say ‘please’ and sorry. Please say something is a good habit and say thank you

Don’t interrupt

Once the children learn how to talk, then the parents should guide them when they should speak and when they should wait and say their own.

Do not comment on someone’s face or body texture

It is not a good habit to be babbling, be it children or children. Therefore, it is wrong to call anyone fat even if it is behind the back.

Knock on the door before coming into the room

If the door is not even installed, then knock the closed door before opening it. Teach them not to go inside unless someone says yes or no from inside.

Rough language not used

Children are like sponges. Whether they watch TV shows or assimilate the elders. Sometimes they are not even aware that their attitude or way of speaking is wrong. You can tell them the right way how not to get used to speaking rude language.

Don’t make fun of others

It is a very bad habit to tease someone or make fun of them. Parents should take care of small things of children and should not make fun of anyone’s background, no matter how wrong.


Lay hands on mouth while coughing or sneezing

Children should have a habit of placing their hands on the mouth while coughing or sneezing while taking care of others.

Don’t make a mouth if something is boring

Children are often in class, in church, but explain to them that it is not always fun. They should be patient. It may be very difficult for the children, but they will definitely learn by constantly explaining.

Ask politely if something is needed

When you are having food or want something, ask for it politely and say thank you later.

The feeling of cooperation towards others is very important for his life.

If you develop all these habits inside the child, then it will be a good start to the child’s life and this habit will come into the child slowly because the habit does not change at once.

By Manish

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